Top 10 Cheat Sheet To Hire A Magento Developer

If you are into the e-commerce business there are high chances you might be knowing how effective Magento is. Being flexible, scalable, and secure the platform is also a favorite of Magento developers. From brands like Ford to Nestle Nespresso using Magento as the platform speaks volumes about its efficacy. 

So, if you have decided to use Magento for your upcoming e-commerce website then congratulations you are on the right track. Now, the question is how to get it developed? You would say by developer right, that’s not the point we put here. You can check this link right here now for the top dedicated Magento developer. Well, if it was that easy to get the best person on board then probably you won’t be reading this.

We understand that getting the best developer on board is what you aim for.  That is why we are not here to provide you with the list of developers but to tell you those tricks through which you can pick awesome Magento developers from anywhere. So, let’s begin. 

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Clear Things Up 

Clarity is very important, be it life or work. That’s where we start with when talking about hiring the Magento developer as well.  You should be clear about the needs like what kind of website you want before switching into the hiring mode. The basic plan of action should be with you so that you can explain it well to the developer. Remember that the developer would work as per what you need. 

Watch Profile  

Next in the line of things is to check the profiles as you scroll down the list of developers. Don’t hesitate to watch out for relatively young developers with 1 or 2 years of experience. The point is that young people are generally enthusiastic about work and have a point to prove their skills. Thus, they give dedicated effort to the project at hand. 

Skills And Certifications 

The Magento developer you hire must not only know how to code but should also have proper skills and certifications. He/she should be aware of the design and development part as per standard rules and best practices. Must be clear about the industry’s demand and work to be done. 

Response Of Clients

The clientele of a developer speaks a lot about him. What they say about the work is what they have experienced with the developer. Thus, it is important for you to look for feedback from the previous clients of the developer. Ask about their satisfaction level and how the developer was in terms of skills and dedication. 

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Cost And Budget  

You surely would be having a budget in your mind and finding the best in that is the target. Be very clear right from the start as you initiate the talks with a potential developer. You won’t like to let go of a developer who you found suitable after all discussions just because your budget didn’t match his quotation. So, be clear upfront.  


Hiring someone and later finding that the person doesn’t have enough time to work for you is really annoying. Just take your time and talk to the developer’s whether they would be available for your work during the time frame you want. Also, clearly ask whether they would be able to manage the needs of your project within the deadline or they are already choked with lots of projects.  

Quality Of Work 

It’s important to check what kind of quality the developer can bring in his work. To assess that better you need to see the previous work sample. That’s why don’t hesitate to ask for the work portfolio or some active website that the developer has made on Magento. Scrolling and surfing those websites you can get the best idea of his skill set as well. 

Keeping In Loop

Look for a developer who can be quick with project delivery and makes you part of the process. That is while the website is in development the Magento developer should update you about the daily or weekly updates. Through this, you can also take calls about any changes that are needed in the process. Therefore a developer that keeps you in the loop is a good choice.

Cyber Safety 

Cyber safe websites are very important to have these days. For e-commerce, it is all the more important because users fill in their credit, debit card, and other details and this confidential information can be breached upon by attackers. So, make sure your developer is good enough with that part. 

Post Development Support 

That is a very important thing to take into consideration while finalizing hiring the developer. You won’t like to go unheard when the developer has submitted the project and you find glitches in its operation. Look for the ones who are ready to provide support, are open to boost the website as per the latest updates, and take care of the maintenance side of the website post-development. 


So, as we wrap this up we hope the answer to the question is clear now. You must put these things into practice and you would be able to get the best of the developer for your project. For more updates on Magento development and other related topics stay tuned with us. And don’t forget to write to us about your views and tell us what next you want to hear from us.