Top 10 Skills You Need As A Game Designer

The world is being ruled by the game designer. It is safe to say that almost every smartphone and desktop is equipped with a game, be it big or small. People have become so addicted to games that they go to any extent to win. Though the app store and play store are flooded with many games, people still look for new game designers.

While there are numerous games in the market, only a few manage to garner over a billion downloads. Why does this happen? Why do some games grab all the limelight than others? The answer is pretty simple. All the popular games have few things in common- they are a result of days of hard work, imagination, coding brilliance, and most importantly the graphics and animation. The gaming industry is only expected to see an upward trend now and in the future and the industry looks to provide a promising future. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to sustain in the gaming battlefield. Check it out top hire a game designer. Here’s a list of the top ten skills that you need as a game designer.

How To Become A game designer

Organization and planning

You can’t create something without the knowledge of what to create. So, the primary and crucial thing is to determine the type of game you want to create. Once you decide on this, it is time for you to identify the rules and structure of designing the game. Planning out things will make the process of achieving your goals easy and hassle-free. Here are some brief pointers that will help you improve your planning and organizing skills.

●  You should be aware of the upcoming risks.

●  You should be able to interpret available data.

●  You should keep yourself informed of the opportunities.

●  You need to prepare yourself to face and overcome any obstacles.

●  You should be able to plan solutions and have an alternative option at hand.

Cultivating the above-mentioned skills is crucial if you want to sustain in the gaming world.

Great creativity and imagination

Game designers have to work on creating their own fictional world with different characters and gaming aspects. So, it is obvious for a game designer to have outstanding imaginative skills. Being creative makes you successful and helps in boosting your gaming career. You can’t just go ahead with creating your own world, solely from your perspective. A responsive designer works on the game from the user’s perspective. 

Good communication skills

Communication is the key to creating a flawless game. Apart from technical skills, it is necessary for you to have good communication abilities as you need to convey your ideas to other members working on your team. Designing a game helps you connect with the mass media. And you should be open to having a dialogue with the audience when they voice out their opinion.

Must have strong IT skills

It is obvious for game designers to have strong programming skills. They should possess the knowledge of operating multiple tools. From coding to algorithms and structures, everything counts and makes a difference. Having knowledge of different programming skills and the ability to use multiple tools will not only enhance the design of the game but will also help in delivering a unique product, resulting in the creation of the best game.

Must have good story developing skills

Creating a game requires a lot of creativity. As a game designer, you need to work on the plotline of the game, add twists to it, develop characters from scratch and do so much more. You need to keep the users entertained with your engaging story. So, apart from having good programming skills, you also need to possess good story-developing skills to create versatile games that will appeal to a large number of audiences. It is this skill that sets you apart from other game designers.

Should be open to criticism

Not every game design comes out perfectly. Oftentimes, the final product is achieved after making several revisions to the original product. A good game designer understands the importance of criticism, accepts it, and makes use of it to get better. Possessing the ability to admit mistakes and working on them will take you a long way as a game designer. 

Should have time-management skills

Video games are getting complex day by day and they often require the working of multiple teams. This requires you to work in a fast-paced environment, complying with the given deadlines. In addition to this, as mentioned earlier, it is crucial for game designers to plan out things beforehand and set a timeline to achieve the desired goals. Setting a timeline is not enough. You should try accomplishing your goals within the fixed time. All in all, you should be able to pull off your work within the project deadline while working in collaboration with your team.

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Ability to work in teams

Another crucial skill for a game designer is to have the ability to work individually or in teams. Given that a gaming project cannot be completed by a single person, possessing the ability to work well in a team comes as the biggest advantage. Working in a team will make it easy for you to work on complicated aspects of the project and conduct back-to-back testing. Creating different game strategies gets better while working in a team. 

Must be open to audience feedback

Games are created only for the audience. So, it is crucial to know how they received the product. Asking for feedback from the audience and receiving it well is a skill that you need as a developer. You should always aim for delivering your project better than the previous one. Feedback from the audience will shed light on the complications they are facing while playing the game. No one will be able to narrate a better opinion than them. So, you need to listen to the shared feedback, work on it and make things better.


A game designer needs to be attentive and take active participation in different programs. Doing this will help in gaining more knowledge. Being attentive helps in grasping difficult gaming concepts. It will also come in handy when you have a discussion with your fellow teammates about the project you are working on. Additionally, this will also help you in delivering unmatchable results in the variety of games you work with.

If you aspire to be a good game designer, you need proper professional guidance. The industry also requires you to polish off your skills frequently. Check it out top hire a game designer