WiFi File Transfer Pro APk 2023 Latest Version

WiFi File Transfer Pro apk is the simplest and fastest file-sharing program, offering multiple and unlimited file sharing with many devices at the same time, allowing you to use a wireless connection to upload and download files to/from your phone or tablet. It is simple to use and does not require numerous permissions, making it safer to use.

Features OF wifi transfer pro

  • Multiple files can be uploaded or downloaded at the same time.
  •  Include complete folder structures in your upload (Google Chrome only)
  •  Deleting, renaming, copying, zipping, and unzipping files
  •  Works with any current operating system that has a web browser installed (Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc.)
  •  Authentication using a password (optional)
  • Links to picture, video, and music archives
  •  It functions as a background service.
  •  Photos immediately displayed in your web browser 
  • ·Autostart service (optional)
  • Access to external SD and USB storage devices is provided.
  •  Works when the device is running in hotspot mode. 

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  • Your computer and phone must be on the same local area network (LAN network) to utilize this application.
  • Please ensure that you have a password in the app settings for using this app on the public Wi-Fi networks.

Why should You use this app

The great aspect of this phone is that it does not automatically connect with other phones; you must actively connect and then utilize this app. You may connect through 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, or Wifi Direct using this functionality. Different media have varying transfer speeds: Wifi 8MBps (2.4GHz) Wifi Direct – 16 MBps at 5GHz Wifi 5GHz – 25 MBps This software is easy to use and very effective at transferring data without using internet access. It’s simple to use, and unlike some other programs, it’s not obtrusive. This file transfer program is fantastic. You can easily transfer files through WiFi. Great software with straightforward yet effective functionality. Above all, it does not need any additional permits like BT, GPS, etc.

 In shorts :

  •  Share Unlimited Files
  •  Easy To Use Interface
  • Enhanced Security 
  • Works Offline
  • 100% Safe

Paid & Free Version 

This software is available in two versions on the Google Play Store, one free and one paid. The WiFi File Transfer free version restricts users to transfer files up to 5MB in size, however, the WiFi File Transfer Premium version does not.

* There are two procedures for downloading this app. 

  1.  Google Play store [ here you have to purchase, costs around $0.09]
  2. Follow the steps of ‘Download’.


  • Open android settings -> security settings first of all.
  • Scroll down now and find the Device administration section.
  • Enable the ‘Install Apps From Unknown Sources’ option.
  • To get the WiFi File Transfer Pro premium APK click on the link below.
  • The file must be saved  to the Downloads folder on your device.
  • Just locate the file and click on it on your device storage.
  • Tap Install now and wait until the installation is complete.
  • When finished, launch the app to transfer files using it.

Latest updated version

WiFi File Transfer Pro latest Version 1.0.9 has recently been updated on July 25, 2021, with new updates –

  •  Deleting files fixed for Android 4.4
  • Translation update

conclusion: WiFi File Transfer Pro is a fantastic tool for transferring files, apps, games, photos, movies and music via WiFi without the need for the internet. You can quickly transfer files between two or more android devices with easy sharing. Every time, wherever with only a few clicks, share sorts of files.