How Digital Signage Support Hospitals During A Pandemic

As we are all going through a severe second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, the brave frontline workers are working relentlessly to stop the spread of the deadly virus.

Amongst all the frontline workers, the doctors, and the hospital staff work day and night as they attend to critical patients.

In such a severe situation, digital signage in hospitals can work effectively and efficiently to make functioning easier for the doctors, nurses, and other staff members.

Continue reading the blog as we shall be telling you about the different ways in which you can use digital signage in hospital to tackle the ongoing pandemic challenges.

Different Ways To Use Digital Signage In Hospitals During Covid-19

●    Raise Awareness And Display About Preventive Measures

Since hospitals are at the forefront to battle the Coronavirus pandemic, patients straight away reach the hospitals the moment they see the symptoms or when they contract the disease.

Hence, it is important to display digital signage strategically at the reception area, lobby, or waiting area. You can display the crucial preventive measures to remind the visitors to maintain social distance, to keep the double masks on, sanitize their hands frequently, or to sneeze and cough in the elbow and not openly.

Moreover, you can also display crucial information like the initial symptoms of the disease, when and how to quarantine, and at what stage they need to visit the hospital. Such details would increase the awareness of the visitors.

●    Lift The Spirits Of The Patients

The pandemic has taken a massive toll on people not only physically but also mentally. Millions have lost their loved ones and family members and are admitted to hospitals, battling every day with the deadly virus.

It becomes mandatory in such cases to lift their spirits and to motivate them to overcome the disease. Digital signage in hospitals, being a communication tool, is perfect to be displayed in the patient’s ward. You can put on inspirational tracks, spiritual lessons, videos on how to overcome mental stress and anxiety, or even put a light movie to distract the patients from their condition.

Displaying such content on digital signage in hospitals will significantly support hospitals in making the patients feel better and less stressed.

●    Social Wall To The Rescue

Social media has proven to be a big boon for everyone in the pandemic. Along with digital signage, a social wall itself is an interactive tool and there are many ways in which it can be used in hospitals during the ongoing situation.

You can start an initiative and tell people to tag you in case of an emergency or if there is a need for Oxygen, hospital beds, or any other supplies. They can post using specific hashtags or mention you, all the content can be displayed in the form of a social wall on digital signage in hospitals that can be placed in the emergency department of the hospital. This way, the hospital staff can attend to emergencies immediately and contact the patients.

Another way of using a social wall can be by displaying the success rate of the patients treated in the hospital. You can request your patients to post about their treatment and experience in your hospital and post it on their social media. The content can be created using a social media aggregator and published on digital signage.

The digital signage in hospital can be placed in the waiting area or the ward of the patients. This content will motivate them to feel better and they will feel more confident about the choice of hospital.

●    Display The Vaccination Schedule On Digital Signage

The arrival of the vaccine made people have a big sigh of relief. However, in a hurry to be prioritized first it further leads to confusion and disorganized conduct of people in the hospital premises. 

The perfect solution to this is to display a proper vaccination schedule of the visitors on digital signage in hospitals. Similarly, the visitors can be divided into two slots. The first slot is the ones who have arrived for the first shot of vaccination and the second slot being the ones who have arrived for the second jab.

This way, the visitors would also be clear about when to enter the hospital and the duration time left for their chance which will make the procedure much simpler and organized.

Closing Note

Digital signage in hospitals can prove to be highly beneficial for tackling and managing severe situations especially during these testing times.

A pandemic requires the hospital staff including doctors and nurses to be alert at all times. A small communication gap can lead to fatal consequences.

Digital signage, being a highly responsive communication tool can seamlessly improve the functioning of the hospital and improve the workflow in such criticality.

Here are a few ways in which digital signage can support hospitals tremendously. All you need to do is incorporate one and see the changes yourself!