Can Artificial Intelligence change the lifestyle of humans in future?

There’s no significant industry of present-day AI. All the more explicitly, “narrow AI,” which performs target capacities utilizing data-prepared models and regularly falls into the classifications of deep learning or AI — hasn’t effectively influenced. That is particularly evident in the previous few years, as data assembly and analysis have increased impressively on account of strong IoT networks, the expansion of connected gadgets, and ever-speedier PC processing.

AI has been transforming our lives in plenty of ways. Some of them are discussed underneath:


Though it may take around a decade to see these miraculous technologically advanced (autonomous) cars will displace us from one place to another. 


AI-enabled robots will work for hand in hand with human beings and multiply the performance. The processing of assembly and stacking and speculative analysis sensors will make equipment run smoothly and will add value to people’s lives. 


In comparison, AI is a beginning field of medical care. Diseases are more rapidly and precisely analyzed, drug revelation is accelerated and smoothed out, virtual nursing collaborators screen patients, and huge information investigation assists with making a more customized patient experience.


Textbooks are digitized with the assistance of AI. AI’s different factions assist the teachers to carry out the classes with more involved features. For instance, it may be recognized from pupil’s expressions that whether they are taking a keen interest in the studies can be assessed from their facial expressions. This way, AI may lead to establishing such academic tools, which will make education more exciting and engaging for every student. 


Journalism is bridling AI, as well, and will keep on profiting with it. The Associated Press utilizes the normal language capacities of Automated Insights to deliver 3,700 acquiring reports stories each year — almost multiple times more than in the recent past. 

Customer Service

Another AI-oriented feature that is changing people’s lives is the way and the rate at which customer service is altering. Google is doing experiments on AI-oriented calls like humans to make appointments and keeping up with them. For instance, medical treatments, hair salons, laundry timings, etc. Google is critically working on AI-enabled robots which may not understand words but also context and nuances.


Kai-Fu Lee, also known as the AI guru, delivered a lecture during Fall at Northwestern University. He warned and came up with a shocking statement regarding AI and its forthcoming effects and limitations.

The advent of AI has altered the way we live, ride, shop, etc. It has changed customer’s expectations at a rapid rate. Mega service providers such as Alibaba and Amazon now have AI-enabled warehouses. They have a buzz greater than 100,000 robots. To keep in mind, for accuracy, delivery, and packaging functions are still performed by humans. To mention, it is also going to replace AI-oriented robots in the near future.

Lee’s concerns were in recent times reverberated by Infosys president Mohit Joshi. He, at this year’s Davos gathering, stated to the New York Times, “People are looking to hit extremely big numbers”. Earlier, they had enhanced 5 to 10 percent objectives by decreasing their workforce.

With more of a vibrant narrative, Lee stated that today’s AI is of no use in two important ways: it has an absence of creativity and capacity for compassion or love. Moreover, it’s “an instrument to augment human creativity.” What’s the solution? As the only permanent thing in this world is change, many jobs will perish shortly. The jobs with repetitive cycles will end sooner. People should move to learn new and new skills to remain relevant in the job market.

AI’S NEAR-FUTURE Implications

On a larger scale, AI is charged to trickle down some major effects on sustainability, climate change, and environmental issues. It is so because of the employment of heavy sensors. It will result in easing the level of congestion in the mega cities, less pollution, and a more feasible ecosystem.


Much has been made of the way that AI’s dependence on enormous data is, as of now, affecting protection in a significant manner. Without legitimate guidelines and purposeful limits, pundits contend, the circumstance will deteriorate. In 2015, Apple CEO Tim Cook criticized contenders Google and Facebook (shock!) for greed-driven data mining.

Online Stores and Services

On the off chance that you get to do some shopping online, there’s a decent possibility that AI has been a piece of your online business experience. Artificial Intelligence assumes a part in digital associate innovation, web searches, and social media advertising, which on the whole are significant segments of online shopping. If you see an advertisement on Facebook for an item you’ve been Googling, there stands likelihood that AI was included sooner or later all the while.

Another significant capacity of AI in online shopping is chatbots. These are regularly accessible every day to respond to questions and offer answers for normal issues. Even though chatbots aren’t generally pretty much as accommodating as addressing a human delegate, they can offer speedy help for simple issues.

AI may assist you to customize your shopping experience by collecting your user data and third-party data. If an e-commerce shopping store entails you a great product suggestion after you start buying, they may have used AI to ascertain what else you will take a keen interest in buying.

Social Media

The AI-driven social media market will develop from $633 million every 2018 to $2.1 billion out of 2023. As both AI and social media become more pervasive in individuals’ lives, the convergence of the two will likewise turn out to be more noticeable.

Social media networks use AI to promote all the more viable to clients. Most social networks permit advertisers to run enormous paid promotion crusades, and without AI, advertisers go through bunches of cash making and circulating substance for each campaign. Nonetheless, AI innovation can compose creative social media promotions all alone. These promotions are upgraded to create snaps and transformations, and they can even incorporate abbreviated links and hashtags.


Even Though people may still be unaware of this fact, AI has become part of our daily lives. It has been changing our lifestyle in plenty of ways. To the extent that it is playing a pivotal role in realizing your prospective tastes and preferences. Moreover, AI deeply influences in establishing our choice and tastes even.

Indeed, AI has already printed a huge impact on every aspect of our daily lives, including day-to-day tasks. As AI advances more, it will have more pervasive and imminent impacts on our lives.

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