7 Best Reasons To Add Facebook Widget On Your Website

Since its launch, Facebook has been one of the most influential social media platforms in the social media landscape. With its influence, it also has the power to create a huge impact on businesses. Hence, embedding a free Facebook Feed Widget for a website is a smart strategy to grow your business. This strategy has shown great results in the past, and even today, it has continued to impress.

Facebook has over 2.80 million monthly active users, which act as a great opportunity for businesses to build a strong customer base and increase their brand awareness. Hence, using this platform to gain more customers is a smart move. At the same time, using it on your business website is a profitable strategy, which makes displaying the Facebook feed on the website a vital part of marketing strategy.

Facebook Widget

Facebook Widget is a phenomenal tool that helps you to fetch all posts related to your business from all over Facebook and displays them beautifully on your website, making the website more appealing to visitors.  

Many platforms in the market provide you with the Facebook feed Widget that you can embed on your website and showcase all the posts related to your business as one unified presentation. In addition, it offers you many other features like moderation, customisation, curation and more, making it an ideal marketing tool.

Facebook Widget provides some amazing benefits to your business. Here is the list of 7 reasons that can convince you to embed Facebook feed on your website.

7 Reasons to add Facebook feed Widget for website

  1. Enhances user engagement on your website

In this digital world, every day, a new website emerges and establishes itself. Simply because these websites have that factor that can engage visitors and hold them on their website, you can create the same magic by embedding a Facebook widget on your website.

As mentioned above, the Facebook widget displays Facebook feeds related to your business. These posts are user-generated content posted by using different mediums. Such variation and informative contents keep the visitor engaged with the website. He scrolls through the feed to gather information about your brand and know about your reputation in the market. 

  1. Adds vibrancy to your website

As we all know, Facebook offers a wide variety of features to its users to express themselves. They can post text content or visual-based content. And usually, Facebook feed widgets are compatible to show both visual and textual content. Such variation of the content enhances the vibrancy of your feed and makes your website more dynamic, lively and colourful. Therefore, it enhances visitors’ browsing experience and eventually attracts more visitors to your website.

Visual-based contents are known for their vibrancy and hence successfully attract visitors; also, these contents remain fresh in visitors’ minds. Furthermore, users often prefer visual content as they can express themselves better, and hence, visual-based content provides detailed information about a particular product or brand.

  1. Provides social proofs to your visitors

People on Facebook often post pictures with the product or use branded hashtags, proving that they are using the product. Social proof can often be translated as social influence, which means people often repeat the action or behaviour of their peers, as they consider that what others are doing is right and the product they are using is fantastic.   

Meanwhile, people often use the platform to provide their reviews and share their experience with the brand. These feedbacks and reviews help you win your visitors’ trust as they provide a great insight into your products and brand. In addition, by featuring the reviews related to your business on your website, you enhance your brand’s reputation as you appear transparent in front of your visitor.

  1. It helps you to build trust

As mentioned above, feeds provide social proofs and reviews to your visitors, which helps you to build trust in your website. A potential customer will always look for social proofs and reviews before buying a product, as no one likes to invest in a product or brand that they cannot trust. 

Social proofs and reviews can do wonders for your business; you can win your visitor’s trust by showcasing them on your website. It also enhances your reputation, as you appear like a brand that cares about customers and considers all the reviews and feedback. 

  1. Builds a strong customer-brand relationship

A customer feels respected when a brand showcases their feedback or opinion on their website. It shows that you care about their opinion. It motivates more users to share their feedback about your brand and helps you build your website’s credibility. 

Regular content and reviews provide a great way to interact with your audience. More interaction with the audience helps you to build a stronger relationship and helps you to convert your customers into loyal customers. 

  1. Helps to drive conversions

As mentioned above, social proofs and reviews help you to build trust with your visitors. Reviews and social proofs provide great assistance to you in building a reputation for your brand and converting your visitors and potential customers into your customers.

Moreover, when you display any user-generated content on your website, your customer feels valued when they see their content getting a feature on the brand’s website. And motivates them to make content, this eventually turns your customer into a loyal customer. The Facebook widget helps you gather these user-generated contents from Facebook easily and saves your time manually searching the content and embedding them on your website. 

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  1. It is cost-effective

Facebook offers great help to businesses by providing them various tools to market their brand on the website, one such tool is Facebook Ads, but it incurs huge cost. You can save your money in marketing by using the Facebook feed widget, as widgets are usually cost-effective and fit your budget.

Facebook widgets are generally coding-free, and you can run this tool without having any coding experience. Thus, you don’t require any specialist to install or run this tool; hence it saves your money in hiring and appointing any labour resource. 

Summing it up

Facebook Widget is an excellent tool that helps you to gather more audience on your website. If used correctly, it can do wonders for your business. These tools are easily available in the market, while various social media aggregators provide a dedicated Facebook widget for your website. So go ahead and adopt this amazing strategy of embedding Facebook widget on your website to attain more sales and achieve your goals.