Top 5 Best Free WordPress Facebook Review Plugins

Reviews are like a favorite ingredient for every growing business and its potential customers. It has become a consumer behavior to look up to their peers’ experiences with brands in reviews before making any online purchase decisions. 

Marketers have identified that and introduced embedding the Facebook review plugin on WordPress. Since Facebook is 17 years old, it is recognized as a reliable source.

Now, consumers don’t have to go anywhere else, and they can find the Facebook reviews right on the brands’ WordPress websites. And the benefits it brings are enormous. 

As a brand, Facebook reviews work at building brand trust among the website visitors and potential customers and increase the website’s dwell time as they don’t have to go anywhere else to look for reviews. 

So, here are the five best WordPress Facebook review plugins you can try out for your website that are free of cost.

1. WP Review Slider

WP Review Slider is a Facebook page review plugin that is free of cost and allows brands to customize the plugin as per their needs. They also display options like show/hide star rating, show/hide date, border-radius, background, and text colors. 

WP Review Slider is perfect if you wish to improve your SEO Ranking and build trust among potential consumers. WP Review Slider makes the entire experience user-friendly by giving options to choose the number of reviews you want to display, update in real-time, or show randomly. The benefits are endless, and it’s you who has to make a choice.

2. Taggbox Facebook Reviews Widget

Taggbox Facebook Reviews Widget is free and enables you to curate the reviews from your Facebook business page to create a review widget, ready to embed on your WordPress website.  

Gone are the days when you needed to be good at coding. Taggbox Facebook Reviews Widget makes curating and embedding a hassle-free procedure. Now you can build trust, deliver authentic information, improve conversion possibilities, everything with Taggbox Facebook Reviews Widget.

3. Facebook Review Plugins and Recommendations Widgets

Facebook Reviews and Recommendations Plugin is the perfect WordPress plugin to build your potential customers’ trust and help you boost your conversion rate. It is convenient, adaptable, and easy to use for everyone.

It is a powerful and convenient Facebook review plugin and recommendations widget that can be easily integrated into the website’s sidebar for every visitor to see without forging the website experience. They also provide filters to only display the relevant reviews for the website visitors. Not just that, you can create sales-oriented widgets to chuck out the negative reviews and highlight the ones that’ll put your brand in the good books of your potential customers.

4. Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews is a captivating plugin that allows brands to embed their Facebook page reviews on the sidebar widget of the WordPress website. It comes with SEO optimization and allows you to bring more traffic to your website and build brand trust.

Facebook Reviews Plugin is completely free of cost and is equipped with many features like trimming lengthy reviews with the “read more” link that can redirect visitors to your Facebook page review, influencing them to explore your Facebook page. It also provides many themes and colors to create a vibrant Facebook review plugin template and so on. The benefits are endless.

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5. WP Facebook Review Showcase Lite

WP Facebook Reviews Showcase Lite is perfect for all types of WordPress websites. Whether you want to display reviews as a list or on a slider, everything is seamless with this widget. You get to attract more consumers to your Facebook page by displaying Facebook page reviews and gain more popularity in the social media market. 

WP Facebook Reviews Showcase Lite also includes three beautiful pre-designed templates for page reviews and three beautifully designed templates with ribbons attached that display page information. It also provides Cache for faster site loading and allows you to preview the review widget in the back-end – test with ease before going live.

Over To You

Coming to an end, we just gave you the six best WordPress Facebook Review Plugins. The best part is that they are free of cost. 

So, you don’t have to cut out from your marketing budget and hence, enjoy the endless benefits that Facebook review plugin widgets bring in for your website and your brand.

Try the Facebook review plugin given above based on your requirement.