Why Yahoo Discontinued its Chat Rooms – Reasons And Alternatives

Yahoo! Messenger is an instant messaging application and an advertisement-supported website. Yahoo messenger is Yahoo chat, which has a public chat rooms service. Yahoo was launched on March 9in the year 1998. Earlier it was called Yahoo and now it is renamed Yahoo messenger.

When we think about Yahoo chat the first question which we think of is Yahoo chat room still available? The answer to this question is no. The Yahoo chat room is not available now. Yahoo is one of the big names on the internet. It is one of the oldest networks on the internet. It gained its popularity a long time back. Yahoo chat room provided a free facility for chatting to its customers. Yahoo was very interesting and popular back then.

What is the Latest Yahoo Messenger?

Yahoo Messenger users were able to download Yahoo and use it for free. Yahoo started its Yahoo messenger back in the year 1998. To get access to Yahoo messenger all you needed was to create a Yahoo id which in turn led to the use of Yahoo mail also. Chat rooms can be created in Yahoo messenger for chatting. In a chat room, one can chat with many people at the same time. It was an evolution in the field of the internet and technology. The 90’s generation users used to use this Yahoo messenger for chatting

It is basically a development in technology. In the ’90s internet users used this service to talk to random people as well as their known people.

Yahoo messenger provides facilities that are very common in the basic chatting app we use. Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, and others are currently the most used chatting platforms. Yahoo messenger also allows its users to chat with anyone, transfer files, or a webcam hosting. There were private chat rooms that were commonly used by the users for their private group messaging. Up to 2 GB files were shared in Yahoo messenger.

Reason for shutting of Yahoo chat room

When the competition level rises for the same services generally people tend to shut their reputed companies. So Yahoo was a well-known company that dropped its product of Yahoo messenger seeing the level of competition rise up. Yahoo messenger lost its value when other sites came up with something like that. there were the arrival of many social sites like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, skype, etc. so after seeing so much competition Yahoo thought of shutting the Yahoo messenger

Yahoo messenger is currently not available in 2020 Yahoo discontinued its Yahoo messenger a long time back so now Yahoo chat is unavailable. In 2005 it was announced by Yahoo that no more new chat rooms will be created due to some legal issues. But the existing users were able to use their chat rooms. The existing users used their chat rooms till 2012. The final and complete chat rooms were 14 Dec 2012. The main reason behind shutting the chat rooms was that they were not able to add new features in Yahoo messenger which were available on other sites. Yahoo was not able to fully update the Yahoo messenger for its users.

Many of the users were shocked by their decision but Yahoo was not allowed to update and update things in Yahoo messenger which led to a complete shutdown of Yahoo messenger. Yahoo claimed that it wanted to show more innovation of features in Yahoo rather than investing time in creating more innovations of current features.

Many of its users were very much disappointed by the decision of shutting down Yahoo messenger.

a new Yahoo messenger was being launched in the year 2015 but it was a complete failure among its users so it was shut down in the year 2018. Yahoo replaced Yahoo messenger with a new service for the users which they named Yahoo together and to our knowledge, it was shut down because of no users for the new Yahoo together.

Some replacement of Yahoo chat room:

The main reason for being the oldest chatting app and still being shut for some reasons there came many replacements of Yahoo messenger. It has emerging competition from other very good apps and services providers. The main replacement of Yahoo was many of them. Here is a list of top replacements of Yahoo chat room

  1. Facebook messenger
  2. Whatsapp messenger
  3. Skype
  4. Instagram

There were many other apps also that offered the same features to its users of chatting, group chatting, video chatting, or transferring of data.

So, We can say that the end of Yahoo messenger has no impact on the internet


Yahoo chat is one of the most popular chat room apps in 2021 that allows you to meet new and unknown people from proximity or from all over the worldwide. It is a platform that consistently ensures its users with the safety & respect within the community in which we live chat.