How Can Wide-Format Printing Companies Grow Sales?

The rising popularity of digital media, such as digital signage and commercials, is predicted to lower print demand in certain areas, such as directories and adverts. In the outdoor and indoor advertising industry, digital signage, billboards, and other media are becoming increasingly popular grow Sales. Digital signage is a type of out-of-home advertising that comes in a variety of formats. A backlit display with advertisements, LCDs, or indoor signage used at point-of-purchase (PoP)/point-of-sale (PoS) platforms is an example.

Digital signage is used for various purposes, including public information, menu display, advertising, brand building, influencing customer behavior, and improving customer experience. However, advertising using big format printers is expensive and only allows for static information display; all of these aspects present a challenge for large format printer manufacturers.

Most importantly, large format printers demand a significant initial expenditure in terms of installation and maintenance. Large size printing necessitates a large number of printing materials. Similarly, large format printers’ annual electricity use is excessive. 

The high running expenses of big format printers are due to a number of variables, including the complex design of these printers and the high cost of ink. 

Though top-tier manufacturers are now selling big format printers at reasonable prices, there are a few things to consider, such as increased running, maintenance, and operating costs. As a result, the high cost of maintenance impedes the growth of the big format printer market.

6 Wide-Format Printing Companies Can Grow Sales: 

So, how can large-format printing companies compensate for the maintenance costs? The answer is “growing sales.” But how? Let us dive into a detailed procedure.

1. Offer Customization:

Many customers want to create their own designs as per their tastes and preferences. However, they may not be good designers. To reach every customer, you must offer a complete library of print-ready templates for any printable items you provide to make your printing company the ultimate one-stop solution for end-users.

As a result, your customers can customize the signs and banners as per their needs and quickly place an order for the personalized item through your online storefront. Many editing features are included in ImprintNext Sign Design software for wide-format printing, including color changes, text editing, clipart, QR codes, and shapes.

They were able to solve this problem with the web-to-print solution, which has resulted in a 50% boost in sales since its implementation. As a result, more (and repeat) purchases are generated by shorter purchase cycles and convenient purchasing experiences.

2. Adopt advanced printing technology:

The large format printing market has been changed by UV-curable inkjet printing technology. It supports direct-to-rigid printing, which eliminates the need for mounting and trimming. Other advantages of UV-curable ink include high-quality images and increased production and time and cost savings.

UV-curable ink technology also eliminates the need for coated media because it can print on any substrate, including foam board, wood, cardboard, glass, and vinyl. In addition, this ink dries as quickly as it is cured, which has led to greater use of UV-curable inks in a variety of sectors for printing.

UV-curable inks are therefore perfect for a variety of large-format indoor and outdoor applications, such as billboards, banners, indoor signs, window graphics, and posters.

3. Optimum Budget Management:

Therefore, the most notable benefit of web-to-print is the ease with which the ordering procedure may be completed. Furthermore, you can generate revenue even during off-peak hours, and your customer base isn’t limited to a particular region or time zone. 

Your clients may order and track customized printed products as your market reach expands. Assume your client is a high-end brand running several businesses. They need an automation solution that manages marketing materials to affiliates, sales agents, and partners. In that instance, web-to-print will assist them in maintaining control over their print buying system. On the other hand, your merchants can keep track of orders. Customers will return for more if you delight them with error-free print automation and lightning-fast delivery. Finally, maintain vendor motivation to provide superior service.

4. Build a Robust Web-to-Print Store:

You might give each of your wide-format printing vendors who specialize in signage, retail graphics, and printed displays innovative web storefronts. Amazon, for example, is a marketplace where a variety of businesses offer their wares. 

If you are a print service provider and deal with various vendors, web-to-print enables them to join your platform. This way, they won’t have to put in as much effort to build up their website.

Multiple currency payment options, smartphone responsiveness, testimonial page, and shipping integration are all advantages of using web-to-print software for wide-format printing. Help your vendors in getting up and running quickly. You win as well if they sell more.

5. Maximize Workflow:

Consider having a single admin panel where you could keep track of all your orders while also communicating with teams responsible for sales, artwork approvals, shipping, and fulfillment. Web-to-print workflows provide you a complete picture of your processes. 

If you use multiple suppliers for your materials and inks, work with them all simultaneously in the backend. You can set up and automate workflows with many teams on the bottom line to ensure that their tasks are performed quickly.

In addition, through our web-to-print technology, our clients have created the framework for promoting other value-added services to end-users.

6. New growth opportunity:

Investing in web-to-print technology for large-format printing is similar to outsourcing. Time-consuming tasks, such as sharing quotations, accepting orders, and gaining artwork approvals, are delegated. 

With the support of online print shop software, your staff may focus on other elements of the business, such as customer support, digital marketing, and web development.


Large format printers play an essential part in the decor industry and are a lucrative and rapidly expanding business. The capacity to produce higher quality photos and graphical presentations than ordinary printers is one of these printers’ main advantages. In addition, these printers provide the ideal document size and high picture quality necessary to print on the final material efficiently in home furnishing and décor and vehicle wrap applications.

Architects can use large size printers to print designs rapidly and correctly. In addition, vehicle wraps are a low-cost mobile advertising medium that may reach tens of thousands of people on a regular basis.

These are becoming increasingly popular as a kind of advertising. As a result, the increased demand for vehicle wraps in the decor industry is expected to increase the demand for big format printers globally.

As a result, web-to-print is the ideal solution for offering customers the broadest range of print items while also making shopping simple. With customized web-to-print solutions, you can keep your customers coming back for more.