Convert your business to remote channels with an electronic signature app

Remote working has quickly become the new normal technique using an electronic signature app. Many companies that were initially skeptical have seen the benefits and many will likely move on to working remotely if necessary. 

How eSignatures Help Enterprises Move to Remote Channels. The barriers that once enterprise from a complete remote setup are now end. But organizations need to ensure the security and integrity of their information while securely identifying users and devices. 

Below are some ways in which electronic signature apps and PKI solutions. They can help you move to a fully decentralized organization:

Not all electronic signature app equals

Did you know that there are four types of e-signature? Click-to-sign, Basic, Advanced and Qualified. Each signature offers a different level of security and it is important to understand which is right for your document and your legal situation. 

Although the term e-signature and E-signature online app are used interchangeably. There is a difference between the two. Digital signatures must provide a means of authenticating the identity of the signer. We have a useful FAQ that answers any questions you might have about digital signatures and how to use them.

Documents must remain valid in the future

Once you’ve signed a document with a free e signature, it must remain valid and verifiable. Time-stamping by a trust time-stamping agency (TSA) provides independent and irrefutable proof of who signed a document, when they signed it and that it has not been altered. This is particularly important for legally binding documents such as B. 

An electronic signature contract that could later be challenging in court. Long-term validation (LTV) signatures provide evidence at the time of signing that the signer’s credentials were valid. That no further changes were made, and that the document will remain valid even if certificates or credentials expire at a later date.

The electronic signature app is an efficient authorization solution for companies

One of the many advantages of the best e signature app have over the traditional paper. Link signatures are their efficiency. A document no longer has to be print out, sent by post, checked, and return for signature. All of these can be done through the digital app which speeds up the process considerably. 

For organizations that need to authorize hundreds, sometimes thousands of documents per day (such as insurance policies), bulk signature automates this process without compromising security. And for organizations that need to sign on behalf of the company and not an individual. E-seals have a signature key that belongs to the company and not an individual.

1. Communication is the key to working remotely

This is advice that is given over and over again but that is because it is crucial. When you’re not all together, communicating about ongoing activity and progress prevents tasks from getting done twice or things falling through the cracks. 

Whether you do this via video calls, email, through your CRM, or through a quick message on the in-house chat app. It’s important to keep each other informed on a regular basis. Also, record information so that other team members can access what they need. 

At Ascertia we have long offered flexible working, as many of our teams work in different time zones. The centralization of resources means that employees do not have to unnecessarily interrupt outside of business hours. 

It is also important to continue to have social contacts as you would in the office. Virtual tea breaks and even company pub quizzes are great ways to keep in touch with coworkers while working remotely.

2. Don’t allow yourself to be compliant

Many companies are under pressure to adopt remote working as soon as possible. But that shouldn’t mean they are compromising on regulatory compliance. If employees are inexperienced in working remotely, a suddenly unequal workforce can potentially lead to compliance issues. 

For all critical documents that require approval. We use SigningHub to create a clear audit trail that shows who signed what and when to avoid disputes about the integrity or authenticity of documents. 

With Remote Signing, we can ensure a high trustworthy customized contract signature from any device, from any location. Nothing needs to be install, as everything is authorized through a secure cloud server.

Skilled remote signing provides highly trustworthy authorization

There is no longer a need to travel halfway around the world to personally sign a document and some industries have started to make it happen in the past few weeks. Remote Qualified Signing enables companies to authorize signing processes directly from their mobile devices, eliminating the need for smart cards or USB tokens. 

A qualifying electronic signature app offers eIDAS-compliant qualifying remote signatures with which companies can remotely create signatures with signature keys that are securely stored in the cloud. No hardware is require, and enables secure signing from any device, anywhere.