Metadata Difference of ASO on Google Play Store & iOS App Store in 2023

You know very well that ASO is the base of mobile app marketing strategy in respective app stores. It is to increase organic visibility, search pattern, and downloads. All the more important is to impact the acquisition cost and lower the CPL/CPI/ CPA.

Metadata is an important factor to consider while listing and optimizing the mobile application.

But, do you know the app store optimization metadata differences between Google & iOS app stores in 2021?

Well, it is essential for you to know the crucial information which is being implemented this year and continue forward ahead.

Here, the focus will be on knowing the ASO metadata difference between Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

App Store Optimization on Metadata Factors in 2021

1. App Title

Google Play Store

* Character Limit: The app title character limit on Google Play Store is 50 characters. To get a higher organic search volume, it is important to include the most relevant keyword in the title field.

* Descriptive Factor: The title needs to be a little descriptive to showcase what the app is all about. It should have a catchy sense of appeal. Also, note that soon Google will reduce the title character limit to 30 only.

iOS App Store

* Character Limit: As compared to Google’s future ahead, iOS App Store already has a 30 characters title field limit. Likewise, insert the most relevant keyword in the title bar.

* Descriptive Factor: There is not much scope of being a little descriptive about your app here due to the shorter character limit.

2. Short Description Content

Google Play Store

* At present, the play store allows the enterprises to write a maximum of 80 characters subtitle or short description.

* Include the relevant keyword in the description. Two things to consider is that you can use the same keyword mentioned in the title or something different.

* It is essential to showcase the main functionalities or objectives of the app in the subtitle.

* Create something that is having a direct impact on targetted users to download the app.

iOS App Store

* Only 30 character limit is there on iOS App Store.

* Need to include the main keyword in the subtitle section.

* Brief description of the app in bullets.

* No repetition of keywords is allowed here.

3. Long Description

Google Play Store

* A whopping content space of 4000 characters available for Google Play Store App’s long description.

* A high ranking factor for enterprise to include the USP, uses, goal, and functionalities of the app.

* Try to make it concise with more subheads, bullet points, and interesting text to fulfil the purpose.

* Over-optimization usage of more keywords can result in Google rejecting your application.

iOS App Store

* No long description content field is allowed in iOS App Store.

* All you have is the Title and Subtitle to play with the organic search pattern.

4. Promotional Content

Google Play Store

* No such functionality of adding promotional content.

* The short description field fulfils the role of entering some promotional information.

iOS App Store

* 170 character limit available to add promotional text.

* It is the only field available on the iOS App Store that can be updated after every new version of the app.

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5. Keywords

Google Play Store

* No keyword field available on the platform.

* Google uses the Title, Subtitle, and long description to know the organic ranking of relevant keywords.

iOS App Store

* 100 character limit available for you to add most searched keywords related to your app.

* Make sure no keyword is repeated which is already mentioned in the app Title and Subtitle.

* Separate the keywords entered only with a comma with no spacing in between the other.

6. Category

Google Play Store

* Two categories available on Google Play Store i.e. Apps and Games, respectively.

* Further the two categories are divided into several subcategories for you to enter the app.

iOS App Store

* Primary and secondary are two categories available for mobile app owners.

* The primary category of the application is always considered as important, compared with the secondary.

7. Screenshots

Google Play Store

* You can add a maximum of 8 app screenshots

iOS App Store

* Can add up to 10 screenshots of the app.

Added Note: For both the app stores, screenshots play a crucial role in impact the CTR (Conversion rate to download).

8. Icon

For both the app stores, the icon must define the main functionality of the application. It has to be designed in a way to directly impact the user’s eyes while looking at the same. Moreover, it is an important ASO factor to increase ranking and the number of downloads.


Being updated about ASO is essential to implement trendy changes to your app store and stay ahead of the competition. Get in touch with a reliable app store optimization company in India and talk to experts. Ensure a strategic level of application optimization with their help and experience maximum downloads.