10 Simple Vlog Ideas for You to Try Out

Good vlogging camera, you may start vlogging right now. We know it’s always hard to develop viral content. Some vloggers have an unusual capacity to attract viewers to their channel; their content is, honestly, par excellent. One way they do this is by uploading videos. Videos assist you to connect and improve your audience. So, if you’re considering adding videos to your blog or hosting your own vlog, our 10 basic suggestions will help you get started. Before following these tips make sure you are equipped with a mobile phone with a high-quality camera and phone holder for recording videos

If you want to attract loyal audiences and earn more subscribers, check this tutorial to know how to find your niche and style.

1.String vignette 5X5

You can join a 5-second clip to make a 5X5 vignette. These vignettes usually have a theme, so you can alter them to match your blog.

You can design your 5X5 Vignette using the 5X5 Vimeo Channel. This video shows a girl playing snooker.


With this form of video, you and your interviewee can enjoy higher views and gain links. The video is very useful in enhancing search engine rankings. Just one caution; make sure you chose a topic relevant to your viewers and the audiences of your interviewee.

Hope you appreciate and learn how to simplify any message from the video below, where Marie Folio interviews Rachel Hanfling. Like Marie, you can call and interview experts from specific fields for assistance on your viewers’ queries.

3.Teach using “How to”

Demonstration of using a “How to” video is a wonderful approach to educate a process by breaking it into a step-by-step routine. Ideally, the video features close-up pictures as his viewers complete a certain job.

BBC Good Food’s “how-to” video concept. It has devoted a whole category to “how-to” instructions that contain a range of films from buying raw materials—the best beef on the market—to crafting exquisite recipes.

4.Shoot a video prank

Let’s say today’s April fool day. You can upload a video prank. All you need is a victim and a camera that shoots all incidents. If you’re a blog-hosting team, you can scheme a prank on another crew member. This video boosts the fun quotient and entertains your viewers. Let your audience enjoy a laugh.

Check out these beautiful youngsters on a video prank — just to laugh!

5.Screencast tutor.

You can also upload a modified “how-to” tutorial called the screencast. Essentially, a screencast shows your computer screen as a video so that you may train your audience to acquire a specific skill – for example, you can teach people how to edit images using Photoshop.

In the following video, Tyler Moore shows ‘how to start your own blog’ by exercising on screen.

6.Shoot documentaries

Shooting a documentary may be the greatest solution for a road trip blog or foodie. Your viewer can genuinely imagine the culture, food, people, and environment, thus obtain a sense of a new trip.

So, you think this style of video suits your site; watch the following video featuring the travel vlogger himself, Brain Cox. He travelled over 30 countries, enjoying recording movies of his experiences as he traverses the world.

7.Upload rarities

Video coverage of rare natural events can be posted if you currently have a handy camera. For instance, if your blog funds a charity that aids people afflicted by a disaster; you may publish videos to highlight the level of destruction inflicted so that funders realize the hour’s need and donate.

The movie below shows footage that depict an impending tsunami. National geography profited from these recordings because someone was lucky enough to have a camera as it struck, thought of filming it, and lived to tell the story.

8.Simply talk

This is the most popular form of video bloggers upload. You require your webcam, the time and issue you have insights into. Jokingly, this sort of vlog is referred to as the “video rant” Because the blogger appears to express his concerns while providing his observations on the subject.

Here’s a video of this kind. Charles Reeves became popular with his “Father Apprentice” blog, where he shares his experiences with new parents to enjoy parenthood to the utmost. Check this video for advice to his audience as he drives.

9.Shield an occurrence

If an event is relevant to your blog, you can catch it live and post it to your audience, so they can watch it from their home’s comfort – at their convenience. This site posts camera-caught Bill Murray videos. Watch him perform karaoke at Murray Bros Caddyshack restaurant in the video below.

10.Create video karaoke

YouTube contains a big list of free karaoke videos. Likewise, you can produce bestseller karaoke videos and organize them in different genres. This allows you to rank higher among search engines, as visitors seeking for tunes may land on your page. It’ll also let your viewer explore the list, phone buddies and party!