Top 8 Writers Apps You Should Download To Enhance Your Writing Skills

Everyone wants to become a writer these days. The biggest reason behind it is the entertainment media. Almost every other day there is a new television show on Netflix, HBO, or Amazon Prime. As a result, people have gone crazy for television stories empowered by screenplay writings. As a result, writer apps have been downloaded by millions of users worldwide. You can follow specific techniques to groom your writing skills. Besides, you can start with traditional ways like handwriting practice, diary-keeping, and writing your drafts. 

Once you perfect your basic writing skills, you’re ready for the digital drills; exercise on writer’s dedicated mobile apps. The power of smartphones is incredible. There are several smartphone applications you can easily download on your iOS and Android devices. This is the primary reason why a custom mobile app development company is incomplete unless it provides writing applications.

Before listing down the top 10 writers apps to enhance your writing skills, first, we all should pay respect to Google Docs. It’s fully compatible with Microsoft Word, functions well with Google Chrome extensions, and offers an automatic save option. It is also highly portable, which means you can save your writings on its cloud storage and download it from different locations. Google Docs is the ultimate writer’s tool packed with many helpful features.

Surprisingly, every business profession today is looking for the best writers in town. They want to make sure they hire experts that provide the cream of the crop writing services. If you wish to get hired by a reputable writing agency in your vicinity, start downloading the following writer apps right now!

1. Reedsy Book Editor

Reedsy is a great book writing tool with a simple interface. It helps you publish your blogs on Medium and many other blogging platforms by keeping proper formatting intact. It’s included in the top-of-the-line writer apps. Reedsy helps you instantly export a wide range of professionally designed templates ready for printing. Also, you can easily drag and drop book chapters, insert pictures, and track changes to previous versions of your works.

Furthermore, you can export and import PDFs, docs files, and ePub file formats. The best part of professional writer apps is their navigation buttons, and Reedsy is quite popular for its easy navigation keys.

2. Hemingway

Without a doubt, Hemingway is the widely used writing tool used by millions of writers around the world. It’s popular among school students due to its color-oriented error detection. It helps schoolchildren learn about different writing rules through color-graded instructions on the right side of the screens. 

Moreover, Hemingway is one of the best writer apps beginner writers can use to improve their book writing skills. It helps you develop correct writing structure, improves your grammar, and enhances your vocabulary. The best part is that it helps you improve your active voice usage.

3. Scrivener

If you are looking to improve your writing skills in a more organized way, then Scrivener is probably the best choice among other writer apps. This is the best writing software that helps you modernize your content with all the writing updates. You can also choose your template from a selection of eye-catchy patterns. Scrivener is ideal for e-books, novels, screenplay writing, essays, and short stories.

4. Plottr

This is probably the best writer apps among many others available for desktop and Mac computers. Plottr is an ideal choice for authors looking to summarize their books in a more organized way. It helps you create a clean outline for your stories, essays, and other writers that include lengthy passages. 

Plottr is one of the best writer apps, which is known for its fluid user-friendly dashboard. You will fall in love with the in-built templates, easy navigation bars, organize story plots, and view your official book formats.

5. ProWritingAid

This writing software is very similar to Grammarly but has a more comprehensive approach for enhancing your writing skills. The ProWritingAid is popular due to its immaculate organizing of your content. It helps you improve your writing style by removing pointless jargon words like fillers, passive voice, and repetition of words. 

Moreover, ProWritingAid helps you review your content through its in-built analyzing tool feature. If offer scores for your vocabulary usage, sentence structure, and other writing statistics. 

6. Storyist

As its name suggests, this is one of the best writer apps for storybook writers. Storyist is the best tool for beginner writers looking to improve their screenwriting skills. This application provides good overhauls for narrative works like novels, screenplays, stage plays, and other relevant writings. 

Furthermore, Storyist includes templates for keeping a smooth flow for your environment setting details, character dialogues, and subplot passages. It helps you format in a more organized way that helps you remove the repetition of dialogues, and helps keep your story transition run flawlessly.

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7. Google Keyboard

The universal keyboard is used by billions around the world. Google Keyboard is also known as Gboard is an in-built smartphone app that improves messaging dictation. Among other writer apps available to download on App Store and Play Store, Google Keyboard is the most favorite one. It connects to the all-inclusive Google Suite, which has plenty of unique features. 

The best features of Gboard include the inbuilt voice command, autocorrection, keyboard color templates, among many others. Besides, there are ample benefits of using this standard mobile keyboard that not many writer apps include in them.

8. Grammarly

Grammarly is the best online editing tool to date. Many writer apps struggle to compete against this writing software. It is due to its increased popularity among school and college students, as it helps them improve their projects with proper writing formats. Moreover, Grammarly also offers Grammarly Keyboard available for download for both iOS and Android devices.

Furthermore, it offers online professional services for enhanced corrections and writing formats. Grammarly helps you correct your sentence structure, improves your grammar, and betters your readability score. Grammarly is also widely used by online companies to enhance your on-page web content. The best part is that it helps you amplify your overall contextual scores according to your subject/niche.