WiFi Warden APK v3.4.9.2 Free Download For Android

WiFi Warden APK is an interesting app that can be one of the best companions especially when you are a WiFi user. This is basically a WiFi network analyzer tool that can allow you to monitor all the WiFi network-related data in real-time.

This app is mainly popular for finding out public WiFi hotspots and digging out passwords! On the other hand, it’s capable of showing you the nearest WiFi location that you can access. Even you can consider this app as your WiFi security analysis tool. And the exciting thing regarding this app is – the app is entirely free to use!

In this discussion, I want you to be introduced to the extensive features of this app that are going to blow your mind for sure. Let me help you!

Why This is the Best WiFi Hacker App for Android Without Root?

On the Google Play Store and on the outside of it, you’ll get too many similar apps. And they constantly claim that these apps are functional. But in real life, most of these are not!

This app is different in this case. Just go through the following lines to know what other interesting features this app can offer!

  • Improves WiFi Security: 

The developer team behind this app put decent effort to improve the algorithm of the app. To ensure it, they have included encryption technology in the app.

  • Advanced DNS Server: 

WiFi Warden APK supports DNS over HTTPS that will allow you to enjoy the internet with great convenience. And it will ensure to keep ping lower so that you can enjoy online gaming with seamless swiftness.

  • WiFi Analyzer: 

You can consider this app as the one-stop solution for observing your overall WiFi stat in real-time. There is a dedicated option from where you can easily monitor all the important data such as uploading/downloading speed, ping, network strength.

  • See Saved WiFi Password: 

When you’ll be connected with a particular WiFi network, this app will save the network including its password! And you can see the password as well.

  • Privacy Protection:

The combination of advanced DNS security and the encrypted algorithm ensures great privacy protection. Even it can prevent unwanted access to your network as well.

  • Password Recovery:

If your phone is rooted, you can dig out the password from almost any particular WiFi network. Moreover, you can use these in the future to get access to these particular WiFi networks.

  • Security Guidelines:

In general, this app is not a security analysis tool like ZANTI APK. But you’ll get some worthy security guidelines regarding WiFi usage.

  • Ads Blocker:

Though this app is entirely free to enjoy, you can easily disable annoying advertisements by activating DNS.

App Information

Application NameWiFi Warden APK
Required PlatformAndroid 5.0 (Lollypop) or Higher
Size6.32 MB
Developer TeamNUCONCEPTS
Number of Installations10M+
OriginUnited States

How to Download?

First of all, there is no version of WiFi Warden for PC. On the Google Play Store, only the WiFi Warden APK is available. If you love to install this app directly, then the Google Play Store is the best option.

But from some particular android versions, you may not find this app over there. This case is rare, but not so uncommon as well. If you face such an inconvenience, you can use our direct download link to have this app on your phone.

You’ll get the link somewhere in the discussion.

Some Disclaimers Regarding the APP!

As the app works by using your phone’s WiFi network, so using this app without abiding by the precautions is risky. So here are some disclaimers regarding this app that you should consider as precautions.

  • Active Internet Connection: For enjoying some features you need to keep your Internet connection on. Even, you may give location access.
  • DNS Issue: Sometimes some particular WiFi router doesn’t support DNS service. So if you face such a case where you can’t enjoy DNS, then the issue is in the router, not in the WiFi Warden APK.
  • Avoid Hacking Mindset: According to the claim of the developer team of WiFi Warden, they developed this app only for educational purposes. So don’t try to use this app with any kind of bad intention.
  • Location Access: If your phone is powered by the android version 6.0 lollypop or above, you’ll need to give location access to this app. Otherwise, some features won’t work seamlessly.

Wrapping Up!

Using WiFi Warden APK is the name of reliance for those users, who are not big fans of using the internet by buying data packages. On the other hand, the other interesting features of this app worked behind attaining extensive popularity for this app.

Yes, there are some precautions that are needed to be considered before starting using this particular app. But if you can consider these issues softly, this app will blow your mind for sure.