Top Applications of AI Technology in Banking

It can be said that in recent years, AI technology has been at the forefront of most fields and changed the way we work. That is why banks have exploited this intelligence to apply to bring the best experience to users. However, not everyone knows the leading applications of AI technology in banking. Follow the article below for more details!

The first application that you cannot ignore is the digital wallet. It was the invention of this technique that contributed to raising the level of digital currency. According to studies, the biggest plus point of the wallet is the convenience in buying and selling. Customers can easily buy any items they love on their smart devices such as mobile phones, computers. You can pay easily without using cash.

what is the current digital wallet of ai technology?

Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

An interactive voice response system is known as an automated voice system. This system has the effect of supporting interaction with customers. At the same time, they are also capable of routing connection calls to banking departments.

Many people do not know that it is this system that supports voice and makes it possible for customers to answer certain questions. It is this feature that has brought customers the best services that you could not know about before.


The next app for you is Chatbot. So, what is Chatbot? A chatbot is understood as a feature used to assist customers in querying information and easily finding out the necessary information in all different spaces and times.

Up to now, Chatbot is considered the first and most influential application of AI technology in banking applications. Chatbots have been asserting themselves and modernizing to provide the best services to their customers.

When using this feature, customers do not have to spend too much time going to bank branches to find out information and ask for advice from staff. Your questions can be answered quickly anytime and anywhere easily through the mobile banking application on your smartphone. 

Customers can feel more secure knowing that these smart applications have been making the most of the bank’s services. In contrast, the banking system integrates Chatbot services to give customers the best service. Thereby affirming and communicating their brand image more effectively.

Bring automation and make the process seamless

We can’t deny that artificial intelligence plays an important and hidden role in the banking industry. It is this artificial intelligence that helps banks automate all tasks that previously required a lot of human time and effort.

To make it easier for you to imagine, you can immediately refer to the following example: If in the past, a bank employee could take a lot of effort and time in his work, using AI technology is different. This technology can reduce the workload for employees through the Chatbot application. The special thing here is that this software can also support customers 24/7. Certainly, not every banker can do this.

Therefore, you have seen that Mobile Banking App is a child born through the support of AI technology. From there, it will be easier for banks to collect user data then know the behavioral learning process and can improve the user experience.

There are many e-commerce platforms that are also adopting and using this technology to develop their automation systems.

Marketing programs, Campaign discounts, and coupon codes, promotions are also very effective with intelligent data collection algorithms. This contributes to an improved customer experience.

The services provided by AI intelligence bring the most convenience and usefulness to customers right in solving queries without having to spend too much time going to the bank. Not stopping there, customers can get the highest experience without disconnection.

In addition, one thing that customers appreciate today in banking is thanks to the Chatbot feature on banking applications today. Therefore, people can transfer money, send money, close accounts securely through the full information provided before.

Data collection and analysis

An advantage that we cannot deny and cannot help but appreciate artificial intelligence for the banking sector is the collection and analysis of customer data.

Certainly today, applications invented based on artificial intelligence can do this in the best way. It is these data sets that have been verified to be crucial for AI to use for data analysis.

Therefore, you have seen that Mobile Banking App is a child born through the support of AI technology. From there, it will be easier for banks to collect user data then know the behavioral learning process and can improve the user experience.

Portfolio and asset management

In recent years, in order to integrate with the current world economy, banks have fully exploited the world of AI by using intelligent systems. This has helped banks to have effective portfolios and asset management.

A typical example that cannot be ignored is the example of Switzerland or the Netherlands that have been effectively applying market scrutiny to inform algorithmic trading systems through artificial intelligence. create.

Besides, there are also many financial companies that have been and have launched robot investors to help their customers better manage their currencies. It does not stop at this! It is through personalization that these chatbots and customer models are able to provide the most necessary information for you to make investment decisions and provide information to customers who need it.

Next, thanks to this technology, banks are continuing to transform and offer greater value to customers. This has the effect of reducing risks and increasing opportunities for clients in today’s modern economy. In short, the use of intelligent systems has facilitated investors to easily research and make investment decisions.

Risk management function

The risk management function is highly regarded as an essential function. And this is also an important factor to have in the bank. To get a better idea, take a look at loans. Every bank has a very large and complicated loan. Therefore, if there is no risk management function, it is really dangerous.

When having this function, of course, the bank will know and understand the borrower’s financial status and can ensure confidentiality until the customer disburses the amount. Through artificial intelligence, banks can perform this task with greater accuracy and privacy. This technology has been incorporated in the Mobile Banking App to make it easier for banks and customers to conduct financial activities and to analyze relevant data. At the same time, it is possible to ensure that banks can identify risks in lending. On the other hand, through AI-driven, it will be easier for employees to analyze the behavior of lenders. From there, they can reduce the possibility of fraud.


AI technology the safest and most popular digital wallet. It is used for investing and storing ai technology. It is one of the most secure digital wallets which keeps track of who owns the digital technique.