What is Minecraft APK?

Minecraft apk is the most popular game in the category of open-world, adventure, and survival game which is downloaded by millions of people on their android phones. The latest version of Minecraft Full APK is v1.17.0.58, published by MOJANG studio. In the early days of Minecraft, the name given to it was Cave Game, later renamed with Minecraft Order The Stone and finally, it is Minecraft. If you are one of them who love to do adventure and survive in the open world, then this game is built only for you.

Why Should You Play The Latest Version of Minecraft APK?

Here I am giving you six reasons to download and play the latest of Minecraft apk full version:

Short Information About Minecraft APK Download

APK NameMinecraft APK
Version1.17.10.22 (build 951701022)
Android RequiredAndroid 5.0
Installs1 Billion+
Presented ByMojang
Updated On09/06/2021

Amazing Gameplay

There are many characters in Minecraft, you can select anyone whatever you want. The player has the freedom to do anything in the open world without any specific goal. In the starting, the player is going to face a wilderness world having different types of areas like plains, hills, caves, swamps and so on. The interesting part of the game is, players will face many creatures like villagers, animals (you can eat or make products from them).

There is a time division cycle (20 minutes) into day and night. The creature (creeper) can appear in both day and night time and is very fatal when it comes to explode but perilous monsters can attack only at night. The main highlighted thing in this game is, you can build your own house or anything, which attracts millions of players to play this game.

Build your own world

As I told you this is the main highlighted thing in this games which help players during the night to take shelter because at night, monsters can appear in the darkness and can attack on you. 

Minecraft is designed to get you real life experience so you can be hungry, for that you can have veg as well as non-veg food items. You can become anything in Minecraft. For example, a Farmer you have a large area of land where you can plant trees and harvest food.

Attractive Modes

Minecraft has super attractive modes such as survival mode, creative mode, and super hard mode which enable players to stick with the game.

Survival Mode: As the name states clearly “Survival”, in this mode players are going to look for resources which are needed to play the game. There is a health bar which shows the player blood level when they are attacked by any monster and also gives you a signal for food when you are hungry. Players can also build their own weapons to protect themselves and kill the monsters. When players kill any animal or monster they will get points, the more points the player gets, the better the player will be able to craft stronger armor.

Creative Mode: In this mode, players have all the resources to create their own home. The best thing in this mode is, wherever you go nobody can attack on you or you will not die.

Super Hard Mode: This mode enables players to live as real life, it sounds like survival mode. In this mode the game ends when only one network dies and also it can not go back to the previous world.


This feature enables you to add up to 10 players to your game and with the help of them you can build your places or anything whatever you want.


In the marketplace, you can Discover the latest community creations. Players can get unique maps, texture packs and skins from their creator. 

The Graphics

Graphics are amazing in Minecraft because of everythings is made up of 3D cubes with different kinds of material like water, stone, wood, earth etc. Minecraft has estimated that the game has approx 36 million square cubicles.

What is New in the Latest Version of Minecraft Mod APK?

Players will get these features in V1.17.10.22

  • Unlocked premium skins
  • Unlocked premium textures
  • No damage mod
  • Unlimited breath
  • Max Inventory Size
  • ONE hit kill with weapons
  • Max score
  • Indestructible Tools

How to Install Minecraft PE APK on Android?

If you do not know how to install Minecraft, then this short and simple guide will help you. Just follow these given simple steps to install Minecraft APK.

Step 1: First of all in one of the given minecraft free download apk

 file into your android device.

Step 2: Now simple go to your phone setting, then security settings (Phone Setting > Security Settings)

Step 3: You find an “Unknown sources” option in the security setting, enable it (if not enabled).

Step 4: Open your downloaded Minecraft APK file and click on the “Install” button to start the installation process.

Step 5: Wait for the installation completion process. After completion, you will get an installation successful message, then click on the “open” button to start playing Minecraft Latest Version.

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Minecraft APK FAQ

Is the MOD APK version of Minecraft safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to play.

What is the MinecraftWorlds folder on the phone?

MinecraftWorlds folder is where all files are Minecraft PE APK are saved and downloaded so please do not delete that folder, otherwise all the Minecraft universe you created will be lost.

What is the latest version of Minecraft?

the latest version of Minecraft is