Lenovo 500e Chromebook, Intel Celeron Touchscreen Laptop

Efficient, compact, and lightweight, the Lenovo 500e Chromebook peeks reasonable power with its minimal build. Lenovo laptops always have something versatile to offer in a budget price. The Lenovo 500e is a laptop and Notebook that is intended to do the same with its basic specs. Seemingly, this Chromebook appears to be a perfect convertible that you can take with you anywhere. Not that we just see it as a perfect gadget for students and travelling workers, but it is quite the main selling factor of this laptop.

Lenovo has made a significant effort in combining durability, flexibility, and all-round functionality in this Lenovo Chromebook. It also reminds of a budget business laptop that one can have for their go-to meetings or projects. The laptop also promises a solid battery life, a comfortable keyboard, and a great stylus support. If you are fond of touchscreen laptops, you may like this as your next everyday digital partner. We have scrutinized major specs and features in our Lenovo 500e Chromebook review.


Display:  11.6 in Screen Size, 1366 x 768


GPU: Intel UHD Graphics

Processor: Intel Celeron


Chrome OS

Design, Look & Build

In the design element, the Lenovo 500e does not sport anything fancier but still appeals with its contemporary look. It is packed in a small chassis with comfortable island keyboard, a touchpad and 11.6in display. Mostly the material used in the whole structure is plastic, addressing about its cheap price. But that also makes it quite sturdy for grabbing it roughly or handling it to your kids.

 Stylus, Keyboard & TrackPad

With the pleasance of touchscreen, the one exciting feature added into this laptop is its stylus. It is surely not an active pen but uses the latest technology to use it effectively with the touch display. The keyboard included comes in an island style with the water-resistant surface. You can play along the kids or hand this laptop over to your young one and not expect any stains. The keys are easy to type, comfortable to touch, so if you are a vivid typist, you will enjoy typing on it. The trackpad also works fine with effective gesture control, but it easily gets smudgy fingerprints.


The 11.6-inch screen is a conveniently small size that is packed in the Lenovo 500e Chromebook. It provides the HD plus Resolution of 1366 x 768 which is expectable in Chromebooks. You certainly enjoy watching Netflix shows, YouTube videos and surfing on the internet. It is obviously not made for extreme multimedia projects, video editing or using intense graphic software. But, you can still run it if you do not rely on premium demands. The sRGB colour gamut coverage of the display is around 70% with its TN panel. This is quite average for a low-budget Chromebook display, and you also get the maximum brightness of 200cd/m2.  The multitouch gesture used in the touchscreen is although mediocre, but fun to use for several actions.

Performance – Processor, Graphics, RAM & Storage

The processor armed with the Lenovo 500e is the Intel Celeron with four cores. The model it uses in this Lenovo Chromebook is the faster one known as Celeron N4100. It gets along with the turbo speed of 2.4 GHz, which allows running standard apps or programs conveniently. The storage inserted in this laptop is about 4GB which is paired up with the solid-state drive storage of 32GB. Having SSD means you can easily multitask, and Lenovo has also included SD card reader for enhancing storage. Coming on to the graphics part, the Ultra-HD Intel graphics are ideal to get in a laptop in this price. You can binge-watch HD graphics for games, videos, presentations, documents, or movies. Also, instead of the regular Windows 10 operating system, this laptop comes installed with the Chrome OS. This OS is cloud-based that enables the user to store all the data and operations automatically. It is supposed to be great for business routine as it is easier with maintaining files and programs.


Lenovo 500e Chromebook uses a solid battery life that prevails a good 11 hours of time. As compared to other Lenovo Chromebooks, it relies on expectations, but it could have been more as well. But it can take you through your day without having to plug the charger again and again.


Summing it up in one line should say that the Lenovo 500e Chromebook delivers a good value for its price. It has a good speed for basic workflow with its casual computing specs and amusing features like Stylus. You do get loads of security features, voice assistant and the convertible hinge allows you to use it like a tablet. This laptop is a perfect option for carrying a mini power station for basic digital activities or any work.