How to Create the Perfect Call-to-Action for Your Digital Business

If you’re in the online business, then you must be pretty familiar with the call-to-actions. For those of you who aren’t quite aware of what call-to-actions are, these are those cute buttons you normally find on a website compelling you to make a click and complete a purchase. They are an integral part of every landing page, website page and most social media posts. 
In our lifetime and our digital experience, we have come across thousands of different CTAs. These buttons are simply what compels us to take action. 

To understand the importance of call-to-action, check out this awesome blog on call to actions. Here, Optimizely has summed up the information on call-to-actions in a commendable way. 

As a business owner or a website owner, don’t you always wonder how exactly you can create the perfect call-to-action for your particular website? 

Well, this article is going to help you with just that. It will dictate you on how exactly you can create the perfect call-to-action. So without further ado, let’s read it. 

Does Your Call-to-Action Inspire the Audience to Take Action? 

First things first, as the name suggests, let me ask what is the purpose of a call-to-action? Simply put, a call-to-action is a button that compels the audience to perform a certain action. Do you have an online store through which you’re selling a certain product? If you’re running landing pages or social media ads, there’s highly likely that you’re using CTAs to compel your audience to take the expected action. The only way you can compel your audience to take one’s when your call-to-action button is properly designed. 

Every CTA button enables a viewer to perform action. For instance, some buttons will ask the person to sign up for a demo. Others will simply tell them to subscribe to a newsletter or make a purchase. Based on the type of service you’re selling, choose a call-to-action that will let your user know what you expect them to do. But make sure your CTA should sum up everything in a few words. Or else, too long CTAs don’t appear as a button. While writing CTAs, don’t exceed the word limit to more than 4 words.  

A good idea is to design your campaign post in such a way that it discusses half of the story outside the button. In this way, it will be relatively easier for you to create your button. 

Maybe you’re planning to use a video animated production in your campaign. Discuss your key features in the video before asking them to take any sort of action. 

Avoid Using Standard Phrases for Call-to-Actions

There are countless times that we have come across websites where the user asks you to “sign up,” “learn more” or even just take a step such as “Subscribe” but do they actually work?! 

Half of the time, a person feels bored and doesn’t even want to click on the option. 

It’s not because the service or the product is boring or not better than its competitor? It’s simply because they have seen these words in CTAs so many times that they are now bored of it. 

A CTA that is failing to inspire action is not a good CTA. 

It has to be versatile in its approach to win your target market. The perfect call-to-action must be creative and should have the essence to inspire action in your audience. 

The right call to action promises to solve a customer’s pain point. 

Are You Offering Something FREE?! Highlight it in Your CTA 

Is there an eBook or a freemium service which you’re marketing? Well don’t forget to show that your offering is FREE through your CTA. Users normally feel bad when they follow a sales funnel only to realize that they have to end up filling a payment. It’s one of the reasons why many opt-in to just walk away before they even consider what you’re selling. So don’t take the chance if you’re offering something for free. It needs to be heard especially through a call-to-action. 

But what about those who are not running campaigns or landing pages with a free offer? Perhaps you’re offering something available at a discounted rate for a limited time period, then you can highlight that information in your CTA and push your sales message forward. 

One way or the other, make leverage of whatever deal you’re closing with your clients. 

Pay Attention to the Aesthetics of Your CTA Button 

When it comes to CTA, there are various buttons of different styles and shapes. We commonly observe the square shape with rounded edges. However, there are other square and round shaped CTA buttons which are technically performing much better compared to the traditional ones. It completely depends on the theme of your website and the kind of software service which you’re running. However, it’s normally advised that you go for something which attracts & wins your audience on the double. 

In my opinion, square shaped buttons with sharp edges are the way to go. However, to each their own, I’ll suggest that you choose something that matches with your specific requirements. 

So there you go, here are my top tips on how you should design your CTAs. There are countless other things such as the color, the fonts, and the information which you’re including in your CTA. But for now, we are going to observe it from a marketing standpoint. 

Therefore, these tips will help you reach your audience better and convert them.