Free Music Download App For iphone Offline

What can be better than listening to your favorite music offline? There are many different kinds of  free music download app for iPhone offline and programs that allow you to do this, but finding the best one can be challenging since you’re looking at plenty of options all at once. Fortunately, we’ve sifted through all the free music download apps to find the top 9 best free music download apps for iPhone offline so you don’t have to try each and every one out yourself. Whether you want to listen to downloaded music or stream it through your phone, we’ve got you covered!

Best Free Music Download Apps For iPhone 2022

If you use an iOS smartphone, then there are thousands of free music downloading apps available in the play store. And if you are an iPhone user, then it becomes difficult to find a good music download app on the App Store. Apple removed all its in-app purchases which makes it impossible to download any free applications. Here we have listed the top 10 free music downloading apps for your iPhone/iPad that will allow you to listen to songs anytime and anywhere at zero cost.

1. Ifilm Music

Ifilm is a good app that lets you download and listen to songs on your iPhone without an internet connection. It has a great interface and lets you stream songs in M4A format. You can easily add these to your iPhone’s music library. Furthermore, it allows you to share song links through various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and others. Ifilm is available free of cost on App Store.

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2. iTunes Match

One of Apple’s newest services is iTunes Match, which lets you store your entire library in iCloud (up to 25,000 songs) and access it anywhere. With a $25-per-year subscription to iTunes Match, you can take advantage of Apple’s cloud service by storing any song from your library (even those that aren’t available on iTunes). You can listen to your tunes via streaming or download them for local storage, so they travel with you whether you have WiFi or not.

3. Google Play Music

You don’t even need an Android device to use Google Play Music. In fact, you can listen to your tunes via any computer or iOS device. The program itself is free, but if you want access to Google’s entire library of 32 million songs (more than double iTunes), you have to fork over $9.99 a month.

4. SoundCloud

One of SoundCloud’s biggest strengths is its simplicity. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it does everything you need and nothing you don’t. You can post songs, follow artists, leave comments, and share tracks—in short, all you need to get your music out there.

5. Shazam

This app, available on iOS and Android, allows you to identify any song you hear—even if it’s in a restaurant or bar. Once you’ve tagged it, Shazam searches through its database of more than 11 million songs. It won’t always work (in fact, I was rather surprised by how many times it didn’t work), but when it does, you feel like a total hero who can quickly ID any song within seconds.

6. Amazon Cloud Player

With Amazon Cloud Player, you can stream any song stored in your Amazon Music Library to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The app lets you create playlists and access your music collection wherever you are—even when there’s no Internet connection available.

7. Amazon Music App

As an Amazon Prime member, you can get a ton of perks that make your everyday life easier. One of those is access to the Amazon Music App. For $7.99 per month, or $79 per year, you get access to millions of songs with no ads, unlimited skips and downloads to your phone in 128kbps quality. You can even download them offline so they won’t use up any data when listening on a plane or commuting on public transit!

8. YouTube Music App

The YouTube Music App is one of, if not, my favorite music app to date. You can search songs, read lyrics and even see what’s hot or trending in real time. In addition to that you can set up playlists and stream as many as 40 million songs without having an internet connection. That’s right I said 40 million! Now you may be asking yourself how it work?

9. Spotify Mobile app (iOS)

Spotify’s mobile app has a lot of quality-of-life improvements that make it easier to listen on your commute or when you don’t have access to WiFi. You can set a new playlist as your runner or workout playlist, so you can listen to free music even when you don’t have an internet connection.