GB Whatsapp Download For iPhone

First of all, let’s talk about What GBWhatsApp is. Basically, it is one of the many mod versions of official WhatsApp, provided by third-party organizations. GBWhatsApp ios is most famous amongst these mods because of its various unique and latest features. 

Developers update GBWhatsApp ios regularly so it is very safe to use. Your conversations are safer in GBWhatsApp than the original WhatsApp. Also has some extra and cool new features. So all your needs are in one place now. 

Because of its fast media sharing, it reached a high ranking on the internet. Also, GBWhatsApp is completely free to download.

App Information

Application Name                GBWhatsApp IOS
Version                V10.0.0
Language                English
File                APK
License                Freeware

Features of GBWhatsApp

The latest version of GBWhatsApp ios has so many amazing features like,

  • It has improved its security performance so your communication is now more secure. 
  • The latest version of GBWhatsApp has ‘Anti-Ban’ so it won’t get banned by the official WhatsApp anymore.
  • You can check ‘Revoked Messages’ by tapping on the notification of message revoked.
  • Has Auto-Reply option to use whenever you are busy.
  • Now you can schedule your messages for later for a contact or a group. 
  • You don’t have to uninstall the original WhatsApp to install the APK version.
  • Developers keep it up to date and free of bugs all the time.
  • You can hide your private chats now.
  • Payments can be done via UPI.
  • Instead of 30 you can now send 90 images to as many people as  you want with just one click.
  • Lots of new emojis are available.
  • So many themes you can choose from.
  • You can send the same message to more than 600 people.
  • You can disconnect your GBWhatsApp from the internet by using DND mode.
  • Your private chats will always be private as you can hide them now.
  • New ‘Always Online Mode’ will show you online for 24hours.
  •  You can also download someone else’s story now.
  • You can change your theme. To change the theme Go To settings-change theme option.
  • You can edit your image and videos before sending them.
How To Download and installation process 
  • Open your iPhone’s safari browser and search ‘GBWhatsApp for iPhone.
  • Go to GBWhatsApps official website and download the latest version of GBWhatsApp for iPhone.
  • When the download is done install it on your iPhone. It will require a few permissions to install it. Enable all the permissions from the setting and simply install it.
  • After the installation is complete, open the GBWhatsApp app and enter your phone number.
  • Now you’ll have to verify your phone number. GBWhatsApp will send you a verification code.
  • Enter the OTP code to verify your number.
  • Then set your name and that’s it! Your WhatsApp Messenger 12+ – App Store is successfully installed and ready to use.


GBWhatsApp is simply an awesome app to use for socializing for its amazing features. Also, it is extremely famous among Android and iPhone users. After a lot of requests from users, developers built GBWhatsApp for iPhone. And a huge amount of iPhone users around the world use it. 

But it has not come out officially yet for all ios devices. Because iOS devices are highly secured devices, some may not accept it. But still, users are using it without any issues. 

So start enjoying this app on your iPhone right now without any worry.