Corporate birthday group greeting card for employees

Connecting with your Corporates is important for keeping them involved and feeling valued, but discovering a method that is both seamless and substantive can be difficult. Let’s start with the birthday. Since many corporations spend their birthdays at work, it’s only appropriate for employers to make sure their employees are respected and acknowledged on their special day. Wishes on corporate birthday card may be as plain as wishing them luck in the coming year or expressing appreciation after a year of hard work.

What’s the point of sending a birthday card to a business?

If you demonstrate your thanks to clients and workers with a business birthday card, it will

appear like advertising rather than genuine appreciation. Once you know what you’re going to write, the hardest step is figuring out what you’re going to say.

If you want to get the creative juices flowing so you can come up with your own unique

business birthday wishes, reading samples of birthday wishes written by others is a good idea.

Keep in mind that your words will be representative of your brand when creating birthday

cards for your company. Depending on your approach, you have three stylistically different

alternatives to choose from: humorous, genuine, and personal. As a starting point, here are

some sample birthday wishes for your business.

We’ve put together a list of corporates birthday wishes that you can use in your corporates

birthday greeting cards for some inspiration.

The best way to make a greeting card is to start with a blank sheet of paper

  • Open send wish online and create a new tab.
  • Open send wish and sign in or create a new account for your email, Google, or Facebook account. To begin designing, look for the word “Cards” in the search box.

Select a design template

Choose from a variety of professionally crafted card models available on send wish. 

Pick from a variety of themes, colours, and designs for different times. After that, literally add

your own personal touch to it.

Completely personalise your card

Send of your own choice of corporates greeting cards, group birthday cards  that is

completely personalised. You can replace the text with your own post, experiment with

various colours and fonts, and even upload your own images with only a few taps.

You can add some wishes to a corporate birthday card to make their day special, also

you can choose it from below:

Happy birthday and I hope your year is full of joy and unforgettable moments”. All of us

send this message.

“Looking forward to many wonderful reasons to celebrate your birthday!”

May you have all the wonderful things in life on your birthday and throughout the year


“Have a great day and remember to take care of yourself today.”

Fondly wishing you a lovely birthday and a fantastic year ahead.

There can’t be anybody else who deserves as much as you would like to have a good birthday.

Congratulations on your birthday, and good wishes for the year ahead!

Hoping that your birthday is pleasant and that you enjoy the upcoming year.

Everyone on the staff hopes you have a happy birthday and a wonderful year.

Add more features to the template to make it more appealing

Utilize our modelling software to make your card exclusive. Look at the different

backgrounds and frames and use them when needed. More diagrams and photographs can be used. Experiment with different photo filters, as well as cropping and resizing images.

Prints are available for purchase

Sendwish Print offers free shipping when you order beautiful, high-quality prints of your

cards. Alternatively, Any time you want, you can save your design as a PDF, JPG, or PNG file. Remember that you may modify your design at any moment.

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We suggest outsourcing your message internally

There are several ways you may go about finding birthday card messages.

Before you spend valuable time crafting what you want to include in your corporate birthday

cards, ask your employees to provide personalized greetings for you. Go and get your

workers into the discussion.

This works well at work since you can hand out the card and have co-workers put their notes on it. When we do it this way, the card will probably be more personal, creative, and humorous. It’s 2021, so everyone is crowdsourcing now, so why not have your business

birthdays crowdsourced? Outsourcing is considerably cheaper.