Mobile Automation Testing Tools For ios And Android

Nowadays the testing strategy is built around how well modern tools can conduct tests. A wide range of mobile app testing tools is available in the market at affordable rates that you use while you implement mobile testing practices. If you still need to be clear on how to fulfill your business requirements or how to go about the development and testing processes then you can hire expert software testing services providers that can guide you on your way to success.

It doesn’t matter if you hire a technology partner or not, it’s good to have some knowledge about what kind of tools are available in the market and how they can help you with your QA services. Therefore, in this article, we will go through a short list of mobile app testing tools that can help you formulate and execute an effective mobile app testing strategy.

Top 7 Mobile App Testing Tools


Appium is an automated mobile app testing tool that is used around the world to test the performance and functionality of mobile applications. It’s a cross-platform application testing service, but it also runs on iOS, Android, and other platforms. You can use Appium to test your apps in real-time as they’re being used by users and give you insights into what happens as they interact with your app’s features.

Appium starts by scanning your device for available APIs (application programming interfaces). It then uses those APIs to simulate interactions with your app. For example, if you’re testing an app that has a button that sends users to another page in the app, Appium will simulate tapping the button so that it knows how many times the user presses it.

Appium supports third-party libraries like Facebook SDK, Google Maps SDK, Twitter SDK, and Dropbox SDK. This means that you can easily add these services to your tests so that they’re ready when needed.


Robotium is a testing tool created by the developers of Selenium. Robotium is a perfect tool for mobile app developers who want to automate their tests. It has many features that make it easy for developers to run their tests in their environment rather than having to wait for the test results from a server.

Robotium provides test runners that you can use on your computer or your smartphone so you don’t have to install anything on your device. It also provides a web interface where you can view all of the tests that have been run and see how they are performing.

This feature makes it simple for developers to create automated tests without having to worry about setting up any servers or other hardware. It’s also very useful when you need more flexibility in how your tests are created because you can create them using whichever tools you like best.


Espresso is one of the top mobile app testing tools that can help you automate your entire mobile app testing process. It’s ideal for automating all aspects of the user experience between the app and the server, including network calls, camera access, GPS location, and more.

Espresso provides a simple way to capture a user session with their device and record it as an event. You can then replay these events to see how your application responds in real-time.

You can also pre-configure Espresso to record all of these events for you automatically, or you can create your custom keyboard shortcuts to automate tasks like recording new recordings or saving state snapshots.

Espresso provides several different environments that can be used for testing: TestFlight, iOS Simulator, Android emulator, or physical devices.

In addition, Espresso allows you to create test plans to follow your app’s flow. This tool also comes with an easy-to-use interface that enables you to add multiple tests with a single click.


Xamarin.UITest is an automated unit testing framework for the Xamarin platform. It works with both Android and iOS projects, allowing you to create tests that run on your device rather than in a virtual machine. These tests can be used to test APIs, view controllers, and more.

Xamarin.UITest is a framework that makes it easy to test Android and iOS apps using the same codebase. It’s based on the open-source project and works with Visual Studio 2017, IntelliJ IDEA, and Xamarin Studio (Xamarin Studio for Mac is not supported).

Xamarin.UITest also supports other popular mobile platforms, including iOS Simulator and Android Emulator.


TestComplete is a comprehensive mobile app testing tool for both iOS and Android. It’s available on the App Store and Google Play, allowing you to test your mobile app from multiple devices and operating systems.

You can test the mobile applications using TestComplete but it’s not always necessary for you to install it to conduct the tests. The tool comes with its built-in emulator, which runs in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about hosting it yourself. You simply upload your app and run tests against it through the cloud-based service. With TestComplete, there are no settings or configurations needed.

Test IO

Test IO is a free app testing tool that can help you test your applications on various devices, including phones, tablets, and TVs. The tool is available to test apps for all Windows, iOS, and Android platforms.

Test IO will show you a list of all the devices that it supports and let you select the one you want to test your app. Each device has its screen resolution and screen size, so there’s no way to have an exact representation of how your app looks on each one.

Once you’ve selected a device, Test IO will show you a list of pre-made tests that will simulate common problems people run into when using your app on that particular device. You can also create custom tests if they aren’t available in the list.

If you want to test more than one version of your app at once, Test IO allows you to do so by creating multiple test groups and then selecting which versions of your app go into each group. In addition to testing directly from within Test IO itself, it also offers an export feature that lets users share their test results with other users who are using the tool as well as with developers who need more information about bugs in their apps before its launch.


Kobiton is a mobile app testing platform. It offers real-time user feedback and analytics in both the web and native apps.

Kobiton’s mobile app testing tools are designed to help you deliver better experiences to your customers, by identifying issues with your apps before they’re released.

Kobiton provides in-depth user testing for your apps, including video recording, screenshots, and data collection features. You can use this tool to test your apps with real users or generate user feedback through surveys.

It’s the perfect tool for developers who want to test their apps on different devices and OS versions, without having to download and install multiple versions of their software.

Bonus – Headspin

Headspin is an AI testing tool you can use for DevOps collaboration and manual and automated testing on various devices. You can also conduct these tests remotely to debug your web, mobile, audio, and video apps. Headspin enables you to check out the real user experience by testing your application on various devices and networks with 100% accuracy under real conditions.

This testing platform is embedded with AI and ML technologies that provide intelligent suggestions on how you can resolve issues in your application and launch them quickly into the market. You can deploy its single tenant model both on and off-premise to enhance the performance and security of the apps.

Companies can leverage the Create Your Own Lab (CYOL) from Headspin to connect individual devices with this testing platform and run some automated tests. And if your business has a particular geographical location as a market then Headspin allows you to run edge testing to test the performance of your application in that location.

The Regression intelligence of Headspin comes with a powerful comparison tool that helps you analyze the degradation of your app across locations, feature additions, OS releases, and new app builds.

Headspin testing platform can integrate with other testing tools like Appium Inspector, and Selenium. Moreover, it is also compatible with technologies such as Android Studio, Cucumber, Expertise, FitNesse, Junit, Calabash, TestNG, Playwright, Slack, Jira, Unified Functional Testing, UI Automator, Espresso Android, Charles Proxy, XCode, Flutter, Webpage Test, KIF, XCTest, Puppeteer, and Jenkins.

Although they offer a free trial if you want, the price to use Headspin is $99 per user per month.

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Testing mobile applications can be a challenging task. You need to have a perfect testing strategy in place that coincides with the budget and selection criteria. Many factors affect automated mobile app testing and its effectiveness. So, make sure you have everything covered that you might need to deliver a stable and bug-free mobile application to your clients.