Which are the various Instagram video downloaders available?

Instagram is a social networking platform wherein people from various backgrounds, religions, cultures, caste share their videos and photographs. This social platform helps us to engage with each other and to make our reach wider. 

Also, this is more than just a sharing platform instasave downloader that is it also helps us put up our pictures in various fun ways. 

Also, it helps us edit our pictures and videos and then share them with friends and family. Instagram can be fun to use as it is one of the best social media platforms available, and it caters to every age, background.

Video downloading and saving

At present, Instagram ranks number two in all the social networking websites and has the highest growth rate. Also, it has one of the largest groups of users that help make it more efficient for people. 

Initially, Instagram allowed people only to put up pictures in a specific format. For example, only lower resolution pictures and squares for my pictures were allowed to be put up on Instagram. 

But with the recent developments have helped us put up various pictures in different formats that have helped people have fun and creativity with their pictures. Some few years back. 

Instagram allowed to post pictures, and videos that have been put up in the new Instagram section called Instagram stories. Instagram stories allow you to put up photos and videos that are only available only for one day. 

Post 24 hours, you cannot see that Instagram story. An Instagram video is straightforward to explore.

Many people download videos from Instagram, which requires an Instagram video downloader. Instagram video downloader is used to save and store videos that are posted on Instagram. But downloading the Instagram video can be a difficult task. 

It basically helps us restore the memories that have been put up by somebody and is very helpful for people around us. Many people are there that use Instagram for not uploading pictures and videos but for their own personal purpose. 

Many people use Instagram to find out various lenders to borrow loans from. Many people have borrowed payday loans for the unemployed from lenders through Instagram. 

Rest all of them use Instagram to upload pictures and videos and to maintain social relationships. Instagram has become one of the best platforms to share social views and opinions too. 

Various video downloader’s

  • Instagram Video Downloader (web)

There are many Instagram video downloader that is used with various versions. This Instagram video downloader works with the desktop version. You have to click on the Instagram URL that you would like, and it will take you to that page. 

Once you click on the link, a dialogue box will appear that will allow you to designate where you want to keep the video. It helps to basically choose your video location. This Instagram video downloader is very famous in India, Argentina US, Mexico UK et cetera.

  • DownloadGram (web)

Download gram is another incredible program that is used from desktop on Instagram downloads. It’s very similar to Instagram video downloader in that Is it helps to create an MP4 download, and you can enter the required video URL. 

Also, this will help you to repost the video on Instagram by clicking on you are L. You can find its link on various other social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat Pinterest.

  • Repost (iOS)

Repost Lee is basically for iOS. And it is a great application for iOS users. You can save videos with this particular application, but along with saving, you can also copy and paste both photos and videos and also can repost on your Instagram through this. 

To repost it, you have to open up Instagram, click on the specific picture you are L, and then paste it into your application and repost. These easy steps make repost Lee a treat for the users to use and make their Instagram fun.

  • Video Downloader for Instagram (Android)

Like reportedly is for iOS users, video downloader for Instagram is a popular application for android users. It helps you to repost your videos and photos and also facilitates storing these pictures and videos. 

It offers the functionality of storage, copying, pasting, and reposting it later. It has made the process is very simple and has eliminated all the complications. 

You can grab any video from your Instagram channel and repost it at your own convenience. Although it has some ads on it, it is a very helpful downloader.

  • SaveGram (iOS)

It is great for iOS users as it helps you save your Instagram videos and photos and put them in your iPhone photo collection. You do not need to save these videos and photos anywhere else. 

Also, along with saving it in your iPhone photo collection, it helps you repost it on various social media accounts. You also have the option of picking those pictures and videos and putting them in your cloud Drive. 

You can use this to download any video, and also, the video will enhance quality will be downloaded


Many Instagram video downloaders will help you to download, save and repost your videos. You have to select the right one and the one suitable for you.