How To Personalize Your Windows 10 Theme in 2023

When it comes to talking about the best desktop operating system, Windows 10 takes the lead with no issues. It doesn’t mean that other desktop operating systems are not good but as compared to all other systems Windows serves shopper pioneering customization and feature options.

Windows pitch a lot of customization features when it comes to applying new themes. You may install the best Windows themes from the Microsoft store and other options are available. Additionally, one can choose the best Windows themes from third-party resources. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for the best Windows light or dark theme, you will choose the best one that looks suitable. Let’s have a look at the powerful ways to customize the windows 10 theme in 2021-

Persuasive steps to personalize window 10 theme-

Do you want to personalize the Windows 10 theme? Windows 10 allows you to make your theme personalized weather at Windows border in the desktop background as well as opt for other themes from third-party resources. One must follow these steps to apply a new theme to use over-

  1. Tap on the start menu and go to select settings
  2. Next, click on personalization from the settings screen
  3. Personalize the Windows 10 theme as you want-


If you already have Windows 10, you better know that it picks a drawl color from the background and chooses the color for the start menu. It also changes the color of the Windows icon in the taskbar. Spontaneously, one can also choose the color that is displayed on the Taskbar as well as Windows 10 Centre.

Desktop background

Indeed, you can choose a slideshow, solid color, and select a picture. Additionally, you can go to default pictures and click on the browse button to choose the background picture. When you choose the best slideshow, you can go to the default album to choose and click on the photos folder.

  • In the personalization window, you can click on themes and apply theme settings. It will take to personalized settings in the control panel option.
  • Do right-click on the save and unsaved theme? Once you do click the unsaved the will appear in my themes section and it contains a setting that you need to adjust.
  • Abutting, you have to give a name to your theme in the Windows box and press ok.

Decisively, the theme will be saved and you can switch the theme as you want to do so. Here, you can follow easy-to-do personalization steps in the control panel to personalize your Windows theme in 2021.

Apply windows 10 custom themes

Straightaway, we have capped the best windows 10 custom themes that are available on third-party applications and the Microsoft store. One can choose the listed themes as per different criterion-

Autumn colors

Are you fact-finding the Best Theme for Windows 10? If you are a nature lover, you can re-energize yourself by applying the autumn colors theme. You can apply the best theme on your desktop screen repeat that is full of colors, beautiful fall, and so on. One can effortlessly get this dazzling image theme set for desktop free of cost.


  • High-definition quality images with complete detailed information.
  • Excellent set of vibrant images that bring the best possible outcomes.

Earth from above premium

The theme provides a Holistic view of planet Earth and above. Now you have a look at continents, weather and global highlights. This premium theme set comes with 14 images that are available for all Windows users. One can get the best Windows 10 theme for free to replace the often desktop wallpapers-


  • It serves 4K quality image to make the desktop look dazzling.
  • It comes with premium windows 10 theme that is free to use.
  • It is easy to compatible with windows 10.

Dark skipPack

It is considered an advanced Windows 10 dark theme that is provided by the developer. It comes with several benefits of dark theme on the desktop screen. Apart from this, it serves many color variations within the dark theme. When it comes to installation, it is preferred to make a system restore point before installing this dark theme on your desktop and PC.


  • It is available for free of cost without any kind of ads.
  • It is compatible with Windows 10 and 7.
  • To explore the complete looks and features of the theme, there is a need to buy a full version.


One among the best and beautiful themes is that you can apply on Windows 10 PC. The theme has all features to augment the look of your operating system. The theme will completely change the look of your desktop and the best thing is that you can customize the colors accordingly.


  • It is free to download and use the theme.
  • It is one of the most beautiful themes for Windows 10.
  • It comes in several beautiful colors and wallpapers.