Top 10 Best Free Android Apps Download For Mobile

Google Play Store offers more than 3.5 million apps and numbers are continuing to climb. This can look a little bit frightening in an app-hungry world like ours. Many applications do the same or try too many. Even if you know what you want, it’s harder if you don’t know what app provides your desirable features.

The app ecosystem is Android’s greatest strength. Android apps are offered in several ways. They’ve been downloaded billions of times. Some are free; some are not. The most excellent apps will usually set you back a few dollars. There are, however, a plethora of fantastic choices that are entirely free. 

As a result, we’ve come up with a list of the top 10 best free Android apps to try in 2021. All of the apps on our list have been thoroughly tested to make your work do it more smoothly.

Best Free Android Apps Download For Mobile 2021

1 ) Google Drive

Google Drive is a safe cloud storage service, which enables you to back up and access all your data from any device. Allow others to easily view, change, or comment on any of your files or folders.

Along with the Google Drive app, the applications include Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Photos, and Google Keep. These applications are generally for office usages, such as papers, spreadsheets, and slideshows, but they may also be used for note-taking, photo backup, and saving any file you can think of. 

Features of Google Drive –

  • Store and access your files safely from any location.
  • Use the name and content of files to find them.
  • Share files and folders and provide permissions.
  • When you’re offline, you can still access your material.
  • Get notified when your files have relevant activity.
  • Scanning paper documents using your device’s camera
  •  The most significant part is that they’re all free, except for Google Drive, which requires more than 15GB of storage.  


2) Google Maps

Google Maps will let you navigate your world more quickly and easily. There are almost 220 nations and territories included on the map and hundreds of millions of companies and locations. 

Google’s ubiquitous service now serves as a geographical search engine for the world around us.No matter where you are in the globe, get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit information, and discover local areas by knowing where to eat, drink, and go.

Features of Google Maps-

  • Use offline maps to search and browse without an internet connection.
  • Restaurants, stores, museums, and other organizations may use Street View and internal images.
  • Indoor maps can help you navigate large spaces like airports, malls, and stadiums quickly.
  • With real-time ETAs and traffic conditions, you can beat the jam.
  • Save time with automated rerouting based on current traffic, accidents, and road closures 
  • Catch your bus, rail, or ride-share with real-time transit information


3) Google translator

Google Translate, one of the top most downloaded Android apps of all time, has been using to translate languages one another by the people all around the world today.Google Translator is one of the most popular Android applications for the present world, with the ability to translate at least 103 languages by typing and about 59 languages offline.

The best free Android application since it provides immediate camera translation in 38 languages. HD mode translates 39 languages, chat 32, and handwriting or scripting 93. As a result, this is now one of the free Android app downloads.

Features of Google Translator-

  • Save offline language using one of the best free android apps
  • Translate in any document the highlighted text
  • Convert signs in your language written in another language.
  • One of the best free Android apps comes with Chrome, Google App, and the Gboard App available to combine.
  • Customized phrasebook for quick access to key translations


4) Zoom 

Zoom is one of the most important apps of 2021. Zoom became the video conferencing tool to beat when the epidemic hit and everyone started working from home

It comes with a free version that is rather capable. You may have as many one-on-one video conversations as you like, as well as 40-minute meetings with up to 100 participants.

For most applications, this is sufficient. Many of those limitations can be lifted for a fee. You can screen share, utilize a whiteboard to scribble notes, and even use end-to-end encryption using the app.

Features of Zoom App-

  • Meetings and discussions, HD video, Audio, collaboration & chat are all available.
  • Rooms & Workspaces are two types of spaces.To make sure your meeting rooms are fixed, use video.
  • Webinars with video. Webinars that are fully featured, simple to use, and interesting.
  • Marketplace applications. Zoom integrations and bots are available.


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5) Spotify

Spotify is one of the best free music streaming applications for Android. It allows you to listen to music from across the world. You’d be able to listen to all of your favorite songs and albums, as well as build playlists.

So what is the first thing that you want to do when you download that one of the best free apps for android? So go ahead and choose a ready-made playlist that matches your mood or musical preferences, then relax and enjoy the superior sound quality.

Features of Spotify app-

  • Higher-quality songs can be streamed or downloaded.
  • Return to the playlist you previously removed.
  • Find artists and tracks that sound similar to yours.
  • Keep some private songs
  • Discover Weekly: A music customized for you based on your interests

6) Swiftkey

SwiftKey is one of the world’s most trusted keyboards. Swiftkey is regarded as one of Android’s top free applications when it comes to keyboard and application typing since it utilizes artificial intelligence to learn the user’s type pattern and anticipate how the user wants to type.

This Android mobile application wouldn’t save any personal information from password fields, like credit or debit card numbers. Swiftkey is a must-have Android application for the device.

Features of Swiftkey app-

  • Stunning word forecasts
  • Multiple devices synchronized
  • Integrated clipboard stores copied content for up to an hour.
  • The layout and size of the keyboard can be customized.
  • To have the keyboard flow over the screen, undock it.


7) Youtube

YouTube is a video-sharing app that allows people to watch, enjoy, share, comment on, and post videos. Android phones and tablets are compatible with the YouTube app.

YouTube is a free service that can help teenagers find new interests. Many young people use YouTube to watch music videos, comedy shows, how-to instructions, recipes, hacks, and other types of content. Teens also use the video-sharing site to subscribe to other YouTubers and celebrities they are interested in, as well as to follow their favorite vloggers (video bloggers).

Features of Youtube apps-

  • On Home, look through your suggestions;
  • under Subscriptions, see what’s new from your favorite channels. 
  • In the Library, look for videos you’ve seen, liked, and saved for later.
  • The new trends in music, gaming, beauty, news, sports, and more. 
  • Explore what’s popular on YouTube and across the world.


8) Telegram

Telegram is the world’s fastest messaging service, connecting users through a dispersed network of data centers all over the world. Telegram is also listed in our best secret text apps. It features end-to-end encryption of the best free android app.

It includes a group chat option and is a chatbots’ maker. Telegram is a fun chatting app for Android users, and one of the best android applications you need on your phone.

Features of Telegram app-

  • Edit the image and make your GIF before editing
  • Feature for covert chat message that self-destructs
  • Switch off alerts, preview messages, and lock certain conversations
  • cloud storage for individuals
  • Telegram bots – acquire photographs about your keywords, for instance, ‘/take a dog.’

Simple, quick, secure, and synchronized across all of your devices. The With over 500 million active users, it is one of the world’s top 10 most downloaded apps.


9) Instagram

Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012, and is a free, online photo-sharing application and social network platform.

Instagram allows you to create and share images, stories, and videos with the people that matter to you. Users may add a title to each post and make it available to other users through the app with hashtags or location geotags. Connect with friends, share your work, and see what’s new in the world.

Features of Instagram app-

  • Directly from your phone library upload images and videos
  • Share your followers’ stuff immediately
  • For live updates, follow your favorite brands, celebrities, actors, athletes, and singers on Instagram.
  • Post pictures & videos on your profile that you wish to display
  • Post short films or photos of your life moments
  • When someone likes or comments on your article, you’ll get a reminder.


10) 1Weather

1Weather is an app utilized and trusted by millions of people worldwide for weather forecasts and notifications;

This is one of the greatest Android applications for everyday usage that alerts you about tornadoes and gives storm warnings if they are expected. The app provides hourly weather, and snowfall reports, as well as keeping you linked to the health center.

This is one of the best free android apps allowing you to check the weather of yesterday, today, and tomorrow and also includes Sun and the Moon tracker. 

Features of 1Weather apps-

  • One of the must-have free Android applications with over 25 radar layers
  • Easy to use and browse hourly rain updates
  • Detailed 10-day weather updates location-based
  • Alerts in real-time
  • Interactive widgets 10+



To help you find the best free Android apps for mobile 2021, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 free Android apps of all time, among the best. However, the best free Android apps ever do not end here; some other apps did not make it onto our list, but that does not mean they aren’t worth checking out. Any of your needs can be met with an app from the Android app store.