FM WhatsApp Latest Version Download For Android

If you are experiencing displeasure while using WhatsApp, you might like to try out the other modified versions of this messaging app. Anyway, the FM WhatsApp Apk is one of the most popular alternatives of WhatsApp that you can try. This article will tell you about FM WhatsApp Apk and how you can download and install the FMWhatsapp 2 latest version. So, check it out.   

About FM WhatsApp Latest Version 

As I said, FM WhatsApp Apk is a modified and improved version of the WhatsApp application. It’s an unofficial app that is created by an independent developer named Fouad Mokdad. And he called the application after his own name. 

FM WhatsApp Apk works on the same API as WhatsApp. So, you barely find any differences between these two. But, you will face fewer restrictions and enjoy more features in the modified version for sure. The Apk is developed to give you more convenience, and you can understand it too as soon as you start to use it.    

Why needs Fm WhatsApp apk?

Now, you might ask, why you need an unofficial app when the official one is not that troublesome? The answer is, WhatsApp is a trendy app that is loved by billions of people across the world, and indeed popularity comes with quality and service. But the fact is, it has some policies like there are sharing limitations, and you can’t hide your online presence. It actually interrupts your freedom of communication. Some people find it annoying and want a way to overcome this. 

Of course, if you are used to what the platform offers, you might be comfortable with the shortcomings too. However, if another free and almost same platform offers you more and defeats these weak points, then why not go for that, right? So, whether from displeasure or just meeting curiosity, you need to try out the WhatsApp modification like FM WhatsApp Apk at least once. 

Amazing Features :

If you are unsure about what you will get from FM WhatsApps latest version, check out the following segment. Here, you can see what FM WhatsApp Apk offers to its users.

Plenty of Themes for Customization:

Are you bored with the classic look of WhatsApp? FM WhatsApp Apk download can solve this issue for you. The Apk comes with a lot of customizable themes. Moreover, every day new themes are added to the theme store. So you have a lot of choices to get. 

Exclusive Messaging Feature:

FM WhatsApp Apk allows you to send messages to an unsaved contact. In the original WhatsApp, you can’t send messages to someone unless you save the contact.    

Increase Media Sharing Limit:

The most important feature that created the real difference between official WhatsApp and modified WhatsApp is overcoming the sharing limitations. FM WhatsApp Apk was also developed for the same purpose. Therefore, in this app, you can have the opportunity to share 60 images and media file up to 700 MB at once. You can also send messages to 500 people at a time.   

Full Resolution Image Sharing Option :

The FM WhatsApp not only increases the limit of sharing, but it also ensures the picture quality. One of the significant drawbacks of WhatsApp, as well as other social media, is that whenever we share any picture, the picture quality becomes terrible. But with this app, if you enable the full resolution sharing option, you can share photos in their original resolution.   

Anti-delete Functionality:

Another exclusive feature of FM WhatsApp Apk is the anti-delete option that prevents a sender from deleting its messages. You can even see someone’s deleted story too. Though it’s like invade someone’s privacy, still some people enjoy this old basic feature.

Choose Emoji Variant:

Usually, every single social media introduced different emojis to their platform. Therefore, you may like the Facebook emojis while the emojis of WhatsApp don’t look good to you. You will be glad to know that FM WhatsApp Apk lets you choose emojis from Facebook, Android P, One V3, and many more.

Customizable App Launcher Icon:

FMWhatsApp Apk comes with different types of icons. You can choose one by their color and style and change your look.

Call Blocker Feature:

In original WhatsApp, you can get calls from unknown numbers. But there is a feature in FM WhatsApp Apk that blocks unwanted calls for you. You can allow a few or all saved contact to give you a call. After selecting the options, no one except those can call you.  

How To Install FM WhatsApp APK

After watching the features now, You might be looking for the FM WhatsApp download link. But like I mentioned before, FM WhatsApp Apk is a third-party app, so you can’t get it from an official site like Google Play Store. However, don’t worry. You can get it from any unofficial website.

Some websites provide the FMWhatsApp download link for free. But be careful before going for one. Some sites might be full of viruses and bugs. If you download any file from there, it will harm your device. So, just be sure about a website’s safety. You can check out their domain authority, spamming score, and others before downloading the file. 

So, basically, that’s how you can determine a trustworthy website. Yet, you have to do a few other tasks before downloading. You need to change the Security option from your device Settings and enable Unknown Source. Usually, the option remains disable to prevent your phone from installing a risky file. 

After changing the settings, browse a website that provides FM WhatsApp latest version download link and start downloading the file. Next, when the download is finished, click the install button. Now, you are ready to go!       


That’s how you can download FM WhatsApp latest version and install it on your phone. After seeing the stunning features of the app, I’m sure you want to try it as soon as possible. Ultimately, if you like and are habituated with WhatsApp, you will obviously enjoy the similar one that offers extra benefits.    

So, don’t be late. Download the FM WhatsApp Apk now. And see how it works for you!