Create Free Logos for Your New Built Website

Creating an original, personalized, captivating, and above all free logo that allows you to identify and stand out from the crowd is not a easy task. There are two essential things to create cool-free logos, fantasy or inspiration. And secondly, you need the tools that allow you to do it. So this post collects several platforms that can help. You cannot waste a lot of time and without installing specific programs to create logos. For those who have built a website from scratch, the logo is the finishing touch, which can have a completely different imflunce on the rest of the website.

The Best Websites To Create Free logos

Below is a complete list of the best portals to create ideal logos for blogs, sites, YouTube and Instagram channels, Facebook pages, posters, t-shirts, business cards, and much more.


DesignEvo is one of the most famous sites for creating really captivating logos with many templates already present. It is an easy-to-use web service that is sure to leave you satisfied. You would be lost on choosing your template to customize with DesignEvo’s over 10,000 logo templates. Luckily, it builds a search engine so you can enter your niches to find the match result. It would be better if you have a clear idea of your logo design.

To design your logo with DesignEvo is very simple, only in three steps.

Firstly, as said, you can start your logo design from its prebuilt logo template. Secondly, you can redesign the logo template with your idea. Finally, you can preview your logo effect and then download it on your computer. 


The next is perhaps more interesting, especially for those who have a site or a blog, since it allows you to choose from a greater number of fonts, even beautiful ones. The name of this web service is Supalogo. This tool is straightforward, with only the essentials. Load the Supalogo website, enter the text you have chosen for the logo in the text bar, then click Options. A pop-up menu will open with other possible customizations, including choosing between 24 very particular fonts, text size, logo border thickness, color selection, and transparency.


Canva does not need any introductions. It is the best online graphic tool. Truly within everyone’s reach, it allows you to create a logo from scratch or be inspired by models already present by adding many elements and styles, text and backgrounds, icons, and frames. In a word, you can indulge yourself as you see fit.


DesignMantic is the ideal site for those who do not want to waste time and do not want to waste energy and imagination. You can choose the logo style you want, the font, the name, and the sector to which it belongs (for example, kitchen, technology, etc. .), and with these few clicks, you will have hundreds of logos to choose from, just great.


Here is another fabulous site to create logos, in some cases even animated, like the one above with many example models that you can use already present. Its name is Cool Text, a web service to create logos with many effects and variations testing. On the first page, select the type of logo template you prefer and then customize it with your writing; if you want, you can change the color, size, shadows, and many other effects. The site is truly accessible to everyone, even computer beginners. This service, like the others, is free and requires no registration.


LogoPony is a service with which you can create logos in very few steps, simply by entering the main name, the slogan, choosing the type of logo and the style, and finally, the colors. After these steps, many logos will be generated automatically by clicking the button Create More. Once you find the logo you like, by clicking on Edit a preview, you will be able to admire a unique feature of this site. And then, you will create previews of both a business card and a store sign, a feature very curious to try which will allow you to view the finished logo and save it by clicking Save and continue.


All of the sites described above will allow you to create a logo for free, certainly a great alternative to the various paid sites, which could be useful if you have higher claims.