5 Best Free Google Reviews WordPress Plugin 2023

According to a study, almost 90% of consumers read the reviews before visiting a business. Online google reviews have a big impact on customers’ buying decisions as reviews provide them great insight into a particular product and brand.

Reviews also help businesses to display their credibility in front of their potential customers. But with so many websites providing the platform to the users for their reviews, it becomes difficult to show trust to any particular platform. Many platforms often provide fake or spam reviews that hamper the business’s reputation. 

Google review is a trustworthy platform that provides authentic reviews to the reader as it only allows authenticated users to post their reviews. Therefore, people trust Google reviews before making their buying decisions; you can display these reviews on your WordPress website by using Google Reviews WordPress plugins. These plugins help you to gather and showcase the Google Review Widget about your business on your website. 

In this article, we will be discussing the best Google Reviews WordPress plugin that helps you to display reviews without any hassle. But before that, let us start from the basics and understand the review widgets.

What is a Review Widget?

Review widgets help you to display the customer reviews on your website. Other than providing credibility, the widget boosts your SEO and enhances conversions. A visitor will get to know more about your website through reviews, and it will be easy to make his buying decision.  

What Is The Purpose of Google Review WordPress Plugin?

A review plugin helps you to collect, store and display reviews about your business on your website. In addition, it provides various other features which help you to beautify your website and engage visitors. 

5+ Best Free Google Review WordPress Plugins:

1. Google Review WordPress Plugin

Tagembed’s Google Review WordPress Plugin is one of the most popular plugins that helps you to collect posts and content related to your business from different social media platforms and displays it beautifully to your website. You can even use this plugin to display Google reviews about your product and brand. 

It is a customisable plugin; hence, you make modifications to the plugin by changing its layout, template and make it more appealing to your visitors. Moreover, you can also change the plugin colour, background, banner and more and make it appropriate to your style. In addition, you can even personalise the feed and change its font size, font colour, font style etc., to match it according to your website. All these customisations make your website more pleasing to the eye and attract more visitors.

2. Widget for Google Review

Widget for Google Review by Rich plugins is another free WordPress plugin that helps you showcase your products and business reviews on your website. The plugin supports shortcodes so that you can manage reviews in a short and easy procedure. Moreover, the widget automatically trims long reviews into short and provides a “read more” button; this makes your widget well organised and beautifies your website.

It displays 5 reviews per location and keeps all the reviews in the WordPress database. The plugin has an auto-refresh feature that displays the review as soon as you approve it or the customer posts it on Google reviews. You don’t have to go through the whole process to display new reviews; hence it saves your time. Moreover, people trust these reviews as Google only allows authentic users to post reviews.

3. Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings by Design Extreme is an amazing Google review widget plugin. The plugin has a smooth operation as it collects the data using your unique Google place ID and displays it in a well-formatted list or column/blocks of review.
It is a highly customisable plugin that provides 96 design/themes. These design/themes include support for light or dark background, badge themes, bubbles theme, etc. All these themes and design makes your website alluring and helps you to gather more traffic on your website. Moreover, it provides 14 additional colour schemes that add vibrancy to your website and make it more colourful.

4. WP Google Review Slider

WP Google Review Slider provides a great way to display reviews on your website. It allows you to display your reviews on the slider, so it grabs more attention and helps you win your visitors’ trust. It is not restricted to the sliders; the plugin provides other options as well, like, you can use a grid or list to display the review. It is a highly responsive plugin and is compatible with all devices, so you don’t have to worry about making modifications according to different screens. 

You can even customise the widget and show/hide star ratings, show/hide dates, change the text colours, backgrounds etc. You can even decide how many reviews you want to show in a row and column and sort them according to the dates or random. 

5. Google Places Review Pro

Google Places Review Pro is another marvelous plugin. The plugin allows you to showcase business reviews and ratings on your website in the best layout possible. You can display the review by showcasing them in either by widget or body.

The plugin supports short codes and provides a short code generator for easy management of review. In addition, Google Places Review Pro provides you with the facility that enables you to save new reviews on your database and store as many as you like.

6. Everest Google Places Review

Everest Google Places review is another useful plugin that helps you to display Google reviews on your website. It provides 5 different beautiful template reviews that make your website attractive. It also allows you to choose whether you want to display your reviews in slider or list format. Moreover, the plugin also lets you set the description limit for your review; this helps visitors, as they will have easy-to-read reviews. It makes your website well organised and enables visitors’ browsing experience.

Summing It Up

Winning your potential customer’s trust is important for your business, as it leads to more sales and increases your brand recognition. By embedding the reviews on your website, you provide ease to your visitors to know about the public opinion regarding your products. The plugins mentioned above are currently the best Google review plugin that is easily available. So, go ahead and use these plugins and take your business to new heights.